Untitled design-4You have been promoting your posts on social media,  and have started to develop some fans.  One day, a prospect reaches out to you wanting more information.   So,  this is what you have been waiting for.   What is the best way to reach out to them,  and how do you know what to say so that you are successful?

In Facebook training by Michelle Pescosolido,  I learned the following when contacting people who have expressed an interest.

What Prompted You to Reach out to Me
You can use these actual words.   This is a very non-threatening statement.   You aren’t asking them to purchase product.  You are asking them to explain what it was that made them want to reach out to you.

It could be that they need more money.   Or they have money but need time.  This is often one of the reasons that professionals are drawn to the network marketing profession.   They make a good income but have very little time to do things other than work.

Tell me What You are Struggling With
If the prospect is already in a network marketing company, maybe they are having problems recruiting.     Most network marketers struggle with recruiting.   Even if they are good at it, they have problems duplicating their success with their new recruits.

Another thing that many new marketers struggle with is consistency.   How do you set up the time on a daily basis to do the work that will help to grow your business.   This is a skill that you need to be able to pass down.

When asking this question to someone new who has reached out to you for help, you want to be honest.

Asking this question also helps to build rapport.   A person begins to feel as if you really actually care about helping them with their situation.

Remember, the most important thing is to let the prospect do the majority of the talking.   You can answer their questions.  If you go into a sales mode, you will lose them as a lead.   People don’t want to be sold.

What is the Goal that you Want to Achieve
This question will have a variety of answers.   For most people it is to either increase their income or their time freedom.   Or maybe they have enough money for their needs and wants but they want to be able to do more for others.

The next goal question is what is the amount of time that you want to take to achieve this goal.   It will all depend on the person and the goal that they want to achieve.

Also, some people can achieve their goal in a relatively modest amount of time.   The main thing is that they set a date that they want to achieve it.

When can I Call you by Phone
Now, you may have already talked to the person on the phone.   But, if you are a person who is a little more people shy, then this is the time that you have to pick up that heavy phone and call them to discuss their needs.

If you aren’t willing to do this, then you aren’t willing to grow this type of business.   You have heard the expression that network marketing is a belly-to-belly business.   You have to at some time pick up the phone and speak to the prospects.

All of the communication cannot just be done by email.   The only way this person will grow to learn, like and trust you is is they do business with you.

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