woman-bench-stand-by-blonde-157622Wondering if you should direct your network marketing efforts towards women?   If you look at the methods using by large ad agencies, they like to say that women and men aren’t really different.

But, this is in fact not really the truth.   There is a difference in how men and women make buying decisions.  If you learn how they are different, then you will reap the reward.

Here are some reasons to learn the differences and learn to directly target the needs and desires of this specific market.

We are currently in the years when millions of baby boomers are turning 50 and 60.   They have much higher purchasing power than their previous generation.   This is because they have a higher level of education.

Many of these women are at the top of professions that are not traditionally female occupations.   Therefore, they have a higher earning power.   Once they do decide to retire they are retiring at a higher income level than previous generations of women.

Another reason to learn to market specifically towards women is that the wage gap between men and women is continuing to shrink.   As the wage gap is shrinking, women have more disposable income.   They are no longer just purchasing the domestic goods like food and clothing for the children.    They are now making the decisions for the larger items with their spouse.

In the last 50 years, more women have now entered the workforce than in previous generations.   In many cases, their earning power is equal to that of their spouse.   And, in ever increasing numbers, they are bringing home the bigger paychecks.

This is because women are graduating college at a higher rate than men.   So, naturally their earning power will be more than that of their male counterparts who did not attend college.

The book,  “Marketing to Women”  by Marti Barletta contains many of this great information about the difference in marketing to the different genders.

Every year in specific sections of market place, the incomes of women continue to rise.   Now it doesn’t rise in all occupations.   But, in many it does.

The last decades have seen an increasing number of women obtain advanced degrees beyond a bachelor’s.   This an be M.D., J.D. or Phd.   With these advanced degrees, their earning power naturally goes up.

With the higher income, they are also in the position to make decisions on larger purchases.

In the book, the author describes that the more income a woman makes, the more she will be interested in learning how to invest and plan for the future.   She may make a higher salary but she wants to keep as much of it as possible.

The ability to make decisions concerning increasing their income is one of the reasons that many women choose to join network marketing companies.   They want the ability to really control the amount of money that they are making.

And, with financial literacy they are doing the research and deciding that it makes sense for them to join a network marketing company.

So, the more you learn to tailor your marketing effort to this important group of consumers, then you will see the results in your own income.



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