Untitled design-4Online prospects have shown an interest in your business.   They not only like what you post, they are commenting on it as well.   You follow the process and ask them to do a video chat.   They respond with a yes.

After you have made the first visual contact, what is the best way to follow up?   In training that I received from Michelle Pescosolido, I learned the best way to follow up.

Pick up the phone and call them.   After all growing a network marketing business is about building relationships.  You can’t build a business if you don’t talk to people.  People that you have never met before aren’t going to just magically join your business and then start promoting it.

As top leaders in my company say, this is a belly to belly business.  (Well, you can’t really do that in all cases.)   But, you have to pick up the phone and get the ball rolling.  It is making a connection and letting your prospect know that you are a real person.

This is a reach out method that you should be doing anyway.   Once you have established a following, people will naturally start reaching out to you and want to hear what you have to say.   You need to be emailing your list on a consistent basis.   If possible, email them every day.   But, only do so if you have something valuable/helpful to say.

You don’t want to send them something just for the sake of emailing.   The main thing is to email your list on a consistent basis.  If you can provide something helpful three times a week, then focus on emailing them three times a week with good content.   You will see your list grow and ultimately your business.

Continuing to provide good content is always a good way to follow up with your prospects.   This is something that you never want to stop doing.   Always continue to provide good quality content on a consistent basis.  

In my case, I provide content by reading books and articles on what I’m promoting and share that with other people.   I don’t just say, “Read this book”.  I go through the book and make notes and underline what I think would make a good blog post.

Sharing this information helps to educate them and encourage them.

When you are seeking to build your business online, you need to just be honest and share your story.   This means tell your followers why you have decided to build a network marketing business.   Tell them what you are currently doing.

Don’t be a fraud.   People may be drawn to you initially but that is not a foundation that you want to build a business on.  The best way to share your story is to do it by video.   Don’t worry if you don’t sound like the pros.   Make it short and sweet and share the important things.   Introduce yourself and then tell why you are doing this business.   And, then tell them how you want to help them.

Prospects in time will see that you are a real person who is sharing something of value and can help them with their goals as well.

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