Wondering How to Determine Your IdealNetwork Marketing Sale Lead?

How do you Determine Your Ideal Network Marketing Sale Lead?  

This is a question that you need to answer when seeking to grow your business.   Is your product for everyone?  Or, is it only for a specific segment of the market?

Determine who is your Ideal Network Marketing Sale Lead and then focus your efforts on building that market.

    When writing your blog posts, your social media ads, you need to know who you are targeting.   Everyone is not your target market.   Are you targeting only women?  If your product is geared primarily for women then that may be your target market.In my case, my ideal prospect is women who are concerned about the effects of aging on their skin for the actual product.

    For the opportunity, my market is a little more broad.   My ideal prospect is the person who desires more time with their family but still being able to care for the needs of their family.

    The ideal prospect is a concept that could be changing.   It may be that women are not always your target market.   It could change in the future.   As long as you know your target market at the time and focus your efforts on solving their problem, then you will be successful.

    My main target market is women and men in the workforce who want to have more freedom to be with their family.

    For many educated people in the workforce, they earn good money at their job.   But, it requires long work hours in order to meet the demands of their company.   Or, they feel as if they don’t spend the long hours and perform at a high level, then they won’t keep the job.

    It is not only first securing the job.   After they have the job, they have to make sure they make their superiors happy.

    Also, it could be that the needs of their family are changing.  Perhaps they have a sick family member who requires more of their time.   With a traditional job, there is not a lot of flexibility, even if you are working from home.  You have to get the work done or otherwise, you will be on the unemployment line.

    I have chosen to build my business online.   So, I am seeking to craft my message for women who are online looking for ways to solve the problems with the condition of their skin as they get older.   Perhaps they have other issues with their skin that they want to solve.

    I seek to be a resource to help them solve these daily problems.   As it pertains to skin as well as other health issues that they are seeking answers for.   It also matters if the company that I represent has products that  specifically address their issues.

    I provide value in the form of information to their problems.  By being a resource, they will see me as a trustworthy and dependable source who can help them solve their problem.

    In time and once a relationship is built, some of them will join my opportunity and purchase products.


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