Wondering if Network Marketing is Right for You?Did someone recently approach you about joining their “opportunity”?  They told you this company had the best product and no one else had anything like this.

You were nice to them and couldn’t believe that they had fallen for one of those “things”.

But, before you look down your nose at them, there are three things to think about.

Why would anyone want to join a network marketing company.   Well, everyday. People from all walk of life and educational backgrounds join a network marketing company.

There are three main reasons that they join one.

Many professional people who have gone to school and gotten an education realize that although they make very good money after years in the working world, they aren’t in control of their time.

Or, in order to make the high salary, they have to work long hours and don’t have the ability to be with their family.

If they take all their vacation days, people assume that they aren’t committed to their job.

In network marketing, once you develop a downline of people building a business as well as the all important customers, you have reached the ultimate,  time freedom.   You can earn from where you have your computer.  You can work when you want to.

That is the ultimate time freedom, to work when you want on your own schedule.

If you are a doctor, you have to set your rates based upon what insurance companies or the government will pay you.   You don’t just get to choose.   Because if you choose too high of a rate, then you won’t have a lot of customers.

In network marketing, you check is based upon how much you sell and the efforts of those in your downline.

With most good paying corporate positions, your pay is based upon what you individually produce in product sales.   Not the results of your teammates.  No one dictates those things.   So, if you want to make more money in network marketing then you just work harder.

Your income can continue to rise every month, as long as your downline is making more sales and more people are choosing to join this business.

Network marketing is the only business where when you help others raise their incomes, then yours will rise as well.

In corporate America, if you help some to get ahead, then you will ultimately fall behind.

Network marketing is unique designed in this way that by helping others realize their potential in this business, your income increases as well.    There is always room at the top for everyone.

Now, everyone does not make it there.   But, the more you focus on the business, the faster you will rise to the higher income levels people are looking for.

However, the one thing that you must possess in network marketing is a strong belief in yourself and your ability to do this business and be successful. You must believe and know that you alone can change your situation and you must take responsibility for your life.

This will not be an easy ride.   But, if you commit to do this step by step, then you will see that this is the business for you.

If someone has approached you about joining a network marketing business,  give it some thought, do the research and you might actually find that this is really what you were looking for.

I hope you found value in the post.

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