mt8g88kGoing to the drugstore or department store to find new makeup can be a trying experience.  There are so many different brands.  What makes natural makeup brands different? Each makeup brand claims to do something different for your skin.  How do you know what brand is the right one?  What really are the ingredients in the makeup that I am putting on my skin?  Why does some makeup cost more than others?

A good natural makeup brand is based upon the belief that you should not put anything harmful on your skin just because it makes you look beautiful.  A natural makeup will work to only put the best ingredients in their makeup that will not only make you look great for wearing it, the ingredients will also be good for your skin. If you are looking to switch to a natural makeup, then you need to go with a  company that actually provides you with a list of all their ingredients used in all of their products.  Also, you should remember that switching to a natural makeup brand will cost you more?  It’s the same idea as eating fruits and vegetables will cost more than eating pasta.  Pasta is definitely cheaper but does not provide you the nourishment that fruits and vegetables provide.  A good natural makeup brand will nourish your skin just like the right foods nourish your body.

As your skin is the largest organ on your body, it makes sense to think about what you are applying onto your skin for your daily beauty routine.  Upon making a decision about a natural makeup brand, it may be wise to not get rid of all of your current makeup supply, I would say that you should gradually switch over all your cosmetic products to an all natural.  It will take time even with a new brand to find the products that are a good fit for you.  Switching to a natural makeup brand will be worth it.

Take care,