Perfect Prospect-2Are you posting everyday to your blog but still trying to figure out who is your target audience?  Are you trying to build a list online so that you can eventually market to them and then grow your network marketing business?

If growing your business is your ultimate goal, then you must first determine who is your target market?

    Not everyone is a target for your network marketing company.   Some network marketing team leaders will tell you that you should prospect everyone.   This is not true.

You will end with people being upset with you and you won’t enjoy building your downline.

Some people honestly are not looking to improve their life.   They are happy going to work everyday with little chance for their income or quality of life to improve.   So, leave these people alone.   You know who they are.  If they are members of your family and they ask what you are doing in your spare time, then tell them the truth.

But, don’t prospect them.   Leave them alone.   You never know that there could come a time when they are looking for real change.

I post to my blog and to social media sites.   On Facebook, I have a specific market that I seek to reach.   When I post to my page, I boost the post to a specific group of people.

My target market are individuals, primarily women, who are looking to replace their current income.    They have to work out side the home because the family can’t sustain on just one income.

These women very much want to be home with their children but they have to work because the family needs the income.

Untitled design-5Many of these women have an interest in a small business   But, they just aren’t sure where to start.   They think that it might be possible to build an income stream with a network marketing business.   But, they really want to do it without having to make a list.

The next group that I focus on are people who have been exposed to network marketing and think that this might work for them.   But, they haven’t made up their minds.   They are still considering whether this is something that they can really do.

They want to build a network marketing business along with their full time job.   Most people don’t have the luxury of being able to quit their job and still have an income coming in.

They want to alleviate some of the stress their Spouse’s feel as the  primary breadwinner.

Your target prospect may be someone totally different.  But, the most important thing is to determine your target market, find out what assistance they are looking for and then provide that assistance.

As with any business.  It takes time.   You have to consistently target your market.   The target market has to be provided value and information on a daily basis.   With time, the market you are seeking to reach will eventually take notice.Untitled design-5

When you consistently provide helpful information, then you will reach your market.  It will not happen overnight but if you are consistent, it will happen.

Once the momentum starts to build, then you will see the results.   But, once the momentum has  begun, that doesn’t mean that you can stop the building and the daily reaching to your toward market.


The more you know about your target market, the easier it will be to reach them.   Learn what are their buying triggers.   Every group has specific reasons for why they buy.

If you reach book on marketing, you will learn that women purchase for different reasons than men.

I stated in a previous post, that there are five reasons why people buy.   But, it depends on the time and the purchase for what triggers those reasons in that moment.

So learn everything you can and then target your blog posts and social media posts to those desires.   You will eventually see the results.

If you want more information, check out this post from a fellow network marketer, Eldon Beard’s website entitled, “The Perfect MLM Lead-What Can you Offer Them?”   for more great information on this topic.

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Thank you.

Marti Norris


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