Untitled designWhen growing your network marketing business, offline or through online recruitment, you have to invest in education.  This means that you spend money on training from people who have been successful in network marketing.

Because, if you want to succeed, then you need to learn from the people who are already successful.

I am a member of Elite Marketing Pro.  Elite Marketing Pro is part of Magnetic Sponsoring, which was started by Mike Dillard.  This membership costs me $37 dollars a month.

In addition, I have a library of courses that I have previously purchased from this company.  I can access all those trainings at any time by logging into my back office.

After listening to the video or audio training,  I take notes and then convert those notes into a blog post.   I share with other people what I learned from these trainings.   This information is primarily geared towards people who are open to network marketing.

This is not for people who have no interest in this industry.

Any smart marketer will tell you that the most important thing in marketing, is knowing who your target market is.   If you are wasting your time and dollars with the wrong prospect, then you won’t see the results that you so desperately desire.

In the training on copywriting by David Garfinkel and Tim Erway, I learned the following three things:

Who is the Prospect?
You need to determine who is your prospect.  Your network marketing upline may tell you that everyone is your prospect.   If you have a consumable product, then you may be thinking that everyone needs your product.

But, this is not necessarily the case.  Not everyone is your prospect.  The prospect is the person who is looking for what you are selling.  If you are selling improving your financial situation, then joining a network marketing company may be something they are looking for.

If you are selling a product for skincare or improving your health, then a person looking for those specific products is your prospect.

They may not necessarily be a prospect for joining your network marketing business.    They possibly could be a prospect for that in the future.   But, right now they are not a prospect for that industry.

What is their Problem?
Find out if the prospect has the problem of financial instability and is looking for a ways to improve it.  Find out if they are serious about making the changes necessary to improve their financial health.

If their problem is a condition of bad skin or lack of energy, then they may be your prospect.  If they don’t have these problems, then there is a real possibility that they are not your prospect.

What are you Offering?
Are you offering a product for their poor skin?  Do they not like how their skin is looking in the aging process, then they may be your customer.  If they aren’t interested in spending money on skincare, then they aren’t a fit.

So, remember.  Focus on the needs of the customer, provide what they are looking for.  You will attract the customers that you are seeking.  Don’t waste your time on people trying to convince people to buy what you are selling.

When you focus your marketing on the right targets, then you will see the results that you desire.

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