mGBRUu8What Vitamins for Skin Work?  This was a question that I asked myself the more than fifteen years that I suffered with severe cystic acne?  In my early twenties, my acne was so severe and I was so self-conscious about it, that I would stay home and not go to social activities because I felt so bad about how my skin looked, even with cover-up.  I eventually took some heavy antibiotics but once I had completed the months of prescribed treatment, the acne would come back after the antibiotics were no longer in my system. (And, they were so expensive.  I spent the money even though I was in school and really didn’t have it to spend. Also, the drugs were so potent that I had to sign a medical waiver before I was able to get the doctor’s permission to start taking them.)  I had tried other supplements but they never seemed to get the results I was looking for.  I still wondered,  What Vitamins for Skin Work?

In 2007, I was introduced to Arbonne® products by my sister who promoted some of their products at her chiropractic practice.   I started by looking at their products on the website and of course, I was drawn to their acne fighting system, Arbonne® Clear Advantage Clarifying Wash Acne Medication.  Arbonne also had a natural supplement, Clear Advantage Dietary Support Skin Supplement, that was to be used along with the face wash.

When I started taking this dietary supplement, I noticed that my skin cleared up very quickly-within a couple of weeks.   So, my answer to What Vitamins for Skin Work would be,  Arbonne® Clear Advantage Dietary Support Skin Supplement. The best thing about this supplement was that it cleared up my skin but was also not harmful to any of my organs.

The best thing about finding these supplements was knowing that now my skin would be clear.  I never expected my skin to be perfect but finding vitamins that actually cleared up my skin was really an answered prayer.

If you are looking for an answer to your skin problems and you are a teenager and in your early twenties, I would recommend trying the Arbonne® Clear Advantage Dietary Support Skin Supplement.  I have found that these are vitamins for skin that work.

Marti Norris

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