landing pageI spoke to a network marketer the other day and asked her if she had a website?   She told me that she had a company website where she had a distributor Id and would receive credit for products sold.

She didn’t know anything about having her own website.  She just thought that somehow when she talked to people about the products, they would somehow magically be convinced of their value and buy from her.

If you want people to buy from you, then you have to give them a reason to want to provide you with their contact information.   You do this by having a website with a squeeze page.

Well, in a training on Copywriting, I learned from David Garfinkel and Tim Erway the following about Squeeze Pages.

So, you have visitors at your website,  but how do you get them to provide you with their contact information?  Well, you do this by providing something of value and a free gift.  They opt in-hopefully to your “Squeeze Page”.

But, people aren’t just automatically going to give you their contact information.  There has to be something on the “Squeeze Page” that makes them decide to give you their information.

A good squeeze page will have certain characteristics including font color, background color and text format that will prompt them to give you their information.  This post will address what the qualities of a good squeeze page are visually:

Color of Squeeze Page
The background color of the squeeze page should be either dark blue, grey or white.   The text should be either dark blue or grey.  If the background is dark, then you can go with a white text.   All of these colors have shown to generate a good response of people providing contact information.

These colors are soothing colors and don’t generally prompt an overly emotional response.  Also, they aren’t in your face colors like a bright pink, or purple.

If you like bright colors and you are marketing to children or teens, then those colors will work.  But, for the average young adult or middle aged person looking into network marketing, bright, flashy colors will not get a good response of people providing their contact information.

Free Offer
Color is not only important but also the text in which the free offer is written.  This is what I learned in a training by David Garfinkel and Tim Erway that I purchased from Elite Marketing Pro.  Studies have shown that putting dashes around the offer can get a positive response.

There are so many people on the internet trying to entice people to give their contact information.  But, the ones who are successful know that the right color and text will trigger an appropriate response.

So, if you want to develop leads by people providing you with their contact information on your squeeze page, then create one that has the right color and text.

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