squeeze pageThe goal of any network marketer is to have a steady stream of leads.   Any network marketer will tell you that this is the most difficult part of their business.   If you are looking for information these days on a product or industry, then most people are going to search online.

When leads go online to look for information on network marketing or a specific company, you want to be the one that they give their information to.

Well, how do you do this?   You do this by providing a great giveaway.  A great giveaway is one where they read your offer and just know that they must have the freebee that you are offering in exchange for their contact information.

When you think about someone providing you their information, you need to have something that is “enticing” to the person looking for information in your target market.  If they are already a network marketer, then they aren’t necessarily going to join your company but they may decide to purchase other training from you.

If they are looking for information on skin care or weight loss, then provide them a free gift that is related to what they searched for initially.

A person who is looking for skin care information is not going to want information on your network marketing company that is disguised as a skin care company.

But, generic information on the network marketing industry will be of interest to the person who is looking at this industry.

This is training that is helpful regardless of what network marketing opportunity they are with.

In order to figure out what is enticing, top network marketer and trainer, Ray Higdon says, “we need to first determine what would not make them give you their information.”   If your current squeeze page says something like “free newsletter” or “join my email list”.

These are not good squeeze page headlines.  There are plenty of people  out there on the internet wanting you to get on their newsletter.  Joining your newsletter doesn’t help them meet the specific need of getting more leads for their opportunity.

Or, if they are thinking of joining a network marketing opportunity, they will need to have a source of leads.  So, an offering that  provides them with that type of information will prompt them to give their contact details.  Here are some examples of great squeeze page offerings:

  1. Get your 4 easy lines that will help you close more sales for your opportunity.
  2. Here are seven sources of leads that will work “big time” for any network marketing opportunity.
  3. Struggling with content ideas for your business blog, check out these ten sources that will provide you with never ending blog post ideas.

Using these types of squeeze page headlines provides your potential prospects with immediate benefits.  This is what people are looking for, a solution to their problem.  Joining your newsletter list does not provide them with immediate value.

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