network marketing“How much money have you made in your network marketing business?”  “Can you show me your check.”  “Only a very small percentage of people make any money in network marketing.”  “The only people who make money are the ones who joined early on in the company.”

These are some of the common comments that one hears when discussing the issue of network marketing with a potential customer or distributor.  The purpose of this post is to address those issues

  1. Network Marketing Companies have Gone Bankrupt
    This is definitely true.   “Network marketing companies have gone bankrupt and taken their distributors money.  They were left either with nothing or with products they didn’t want.

    However, if you examine the facts a little more closely, those that went bankrupt did so because they weren’t selling an actual product.  They were making money off signing people up as distributors in the company.

    A legitimate network marketing business has a wide variety of products or other services that their distributors sell.  They bankrupted because they focused on recruitment not on selling products.

  2. The People Who Joined in the Early Stages Make all the Money
    This is true only in the fact that they have had a longer chance to build their organization.  But, if you look at that more closely, the early networkers in the company had a much smaller number of products to sell, did not have the tools of the internet.

    So, it took them much longer to build an organization and usually years before they reached the top income earner levels.  With current technology, new networkers entering the business can reach the top income levels in less than a year, depending on their motivation and drive to grow their business.

  3. Only a Small Percentage of People Make Real Money
    Well, based upon the percentages of people who join network marketing companies, this would be true.   I recently attended my first national Arbonne conference in Las Vegas.  There were 20,000 attendees.

    Among those honored were new Regional Vice Presidents and National Vice Presidents.   In the last calendar year, those who made it to these levels were probably less than 100 people out of the 20,000 who attended.

    This is not because its impossible to do, it’s just difficult to have the resolve and self discipline to do what it takes to grow this business and to overcome the odds of what people will say and what goes on in your head.

    This is why there is only a small percentage of people who rise to the top.This is like this with most things in life.  Though, most people would rather relax when they come home from work or do other things on the weekend instead of doing the work that it takes to build a business in network marketing.

Well, the truth is every year, thousands of individuals join a network marketing company.  The vast majority of them will not make any money.  This is about 90%.   About ten percent of those who join will make some money.

Only a very small percentage say 3-5% will make the quit your job, fire your boss kind of money.  So, it’s true when people say, “only a very small percentage of people make any money.”

Well, did you know that in corporate america where everyone is trying so hard to get up the corporate ladder, only about 20% ever make it to the magic number of $100k income per year.

The individuals who are in this income bracket either have combined incomes.  Or,  if one income earner is taking home a six figure paycheck, then they are usually putting in many hours of work time or being away from their family.  In addition, there are very few jobs out there where an individual-say in their twenties can be earning a six figure income.

Usually the six figure jobs are given to persons who have ten or more years professional work experience.

But, in network marketing, if you provide the sales, then your  income will rise.  Your success is only dependent on growing your downline and  teaching others to do the same.  In corporate America,  you do not have complete control over whether you can reach that income level.

Yes, it is possible, but it will take you much longer to do it.  And, once you reach that level, you will not have much flexibility in your life due to the long hours that will be required.

This real truth about network marketing is that it’s hard when you are working to build.  It will not happen overnight.   But you are the one that has the ability to determine your income, not someone else.  And, if you follow a planned system, then you will reach the top levels.   This is not the case in Corporate America.

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