Best dark spot removerWhy do I have dark spots on my hands?  And if you do have dark spots, “What is the best dark spot remover?”  Everyone is born with some freckles or birth marks.  If you are a red head then you probably have more.  The older you get, then you have the possibility that dark or brown spots may show up on your body.

These spots are can show up on younger-under 50-people if they spend too much time in the sun.  These dark spots can show up on your hands, arm or back.  They generally are not dangerous but if they do change from dark or brown to another color or they grow in size, then you need to consult with your health professional to determine if there is a spot that needs to be removed.

If you are wondering, well is there a way that I can lighten the color without lightening my wallet with expensive spa treatments?  Well,  let me just say that any good product to lighten or bleach these spots will cost, some products are better than others.  But, you would never want to put something on these spots that would be harmful to your skin.  The best way to try and lighten these dark spots would be with a product that is safe for your skin.

Revelage Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum by Arbonne® is a product specifically designed to treat dark spots.  This product contains acetyl glucousamine which is an ingredient that is specifically for the lightening of dark spots.  Acetyl glucousamine is a derivative glucose, which is a sugar. This treatment is a night serum that is to be applied nightly.  As with any Arbonne® product, you can be know that the ingredients in this product will not only do what they were created for, but there won’t be anything harmful that is put on your skin.

If you are looking for a way to treat dark spots without harming your skin and avoiding expensive spa treatments, then you might want to look into this product.