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What is a reasonable amount to spend for face care?  For some women, they are willing to spend any amount.   But, for the majority, there isn’t an unlimited budget.

The reason that you should actually spend some money is the skin on your face is one of the most sensitive areas of your body.   Also, the skin is your largest organ so you really need to care for it.   ( I was at the beach last week for a few days and sadly observed many people sitting and baking in the sun with very little protection.)


As someone who has suffered with acne and also had harmful growths removed, face and skin care is very important.   Well, should I purchase the most expensive things on the market?   Are they really better than what is sold in the drugstores?

The skin on your face is the most sensitive area of your body.   The skin on your knees and your feet is used to taking more wear and tear.   You need to care for those areas as well.   But, the protection care is limited.

The skin on your face is also not as thick as the skin on other areas of your body.   And, with time, it becomes less supple and soft.   This is just a part of the natural aging process.  The skin on your face is worth spending more on.  You have more to protect.   Everyone wants to not look their age as they grow older.

Untitled design-2In my case, I spend more on the items that I use on my face.  I use a normally priced face wash between the $10-$20 dollar range.   After washing my face, I apply a toner.   The toner is not purchased at the drug store.  It has an SPF and does not leave my face feeling oily or clog my pores.   After applying the toner, I apply coverup that also has an SPF.  This is an additional layer of protection before applying blush.

In the evenings, I apply a night creme on my face and neck.   This creme runs between $50-$80 dollars.  And, with a  good product, a little goes a long way.

I don’t ever apply lotion on my face unless its sunscreen.   Lotion is less expensive and is more likely to clog my pores.   The reason that I use a creme and it costs more is that cremes have ingredients in them that are harder to get.   The process of refining those ingredients and then bringing them to market is time consuming so a creme is going to cost more than a body lotion.

And, a good creme will not be a milky like substance.  If you turn the container upside down that the creme is in, the creme shouldn’t come out.

I’m a big believer that you should buy the best products that you can afford.   There are lots of lotions on the market that make you smell good but the ingredients that go into those products are not the best for your skin.

Untitled design-5You can spend less on these areas of your body but you still shouldn’t buy the cheap stuff.  Even if your budget is tight, it would be my recommendation that you still try to purchase a product that has good ingredients.   The skin on these areas of your body is worth protecting.

The lotions that you put on your legs and arms is going to be more of a milky substance.   You don’t want to take the expensive night creme that you use on your face and rub that on your legs and arms thinking that will improve those areas of the body.  The night cremes were not designed for your legs and arms.

In addition to toner, face wash and night cremes, I also use once a week a mask.   This mask is in the $20-$30 range.   This mask is composed of great ingredients that help to provide moisture and clean my pores

So, if you want your skin to look good and age gracefully, I would recommend using a treatment on a regular basis that provides additional benefits and futures your skin.

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Marti Norris


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