Since 2013, I have worked part time and now full time to assist my spouse with growing his business.   Effectively growing a small businessIMG_1706 is not an easy thing especially in this current economy.   We have been able to see continued growth by doing the following:

1) Be Willing to Spend Money on Things that Might not Work.  In one of the years of our business, we spent between $5K-$10K, on a postcard advertising campaign, that has not been successful.

We previously had not done this type of campaign and decided to try marketing postcards to a specific section of homeowners with swimming pools.

Thousands of dollars later and two full campaigns, we have learned that using post cards to grow our business will not be the best use of our resources.

But, while trying to grow our business with this type of advertising campaign, we will able to get additional helpful hints that have really helped our business.  So, the contacts made will in the long term be worth the money spent to try this avenue to generate new business.

Learning to effectively grow your business will always require you to spend money for which there won’t always be an immediate return.   But, there is a learning curve.   The more you work at that learning curve, you will eventually learn to refine what works and get the results that you desire.

2)   You will Work Many Hours for Which you Won’t get Paid.
This is true for most individuals who are owners of small businesses.  They have to put in countless hours of time and energy towards things that will eventually help to grow the business.  But, the payoff is not immediate.

Individuals who are employees, generally want to paid hourly and overtime for all the hours that they spend at a job.  Any small business owner will tell you that this is not the cause with a small business owner.

You have to put in many late hours in order to put the necessary time to grow your business.  The payoff is rarely immediate.

3) Hire Someone to Do Some of Your Tasks
In the last year and half, we finally hired someone to take over the administrative tasks in our office.   As the spouse of the owner, my time is better spent doing the marketing side of the business, writing the blogs, meeting with customers.

Having an someone in the office to take care of those tasks frees you to work on activities that will generate money for the business.   This money pays the person in the office.

Also, having someone in the office has allowed me the time to focus on my online business that can ultimately give us even more choices in our work life.

Well, these are just the first six that I have come up with.  This journey of growing a small business has not been easy but it is worth it.

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Thank you.