home businessThe purpose of promoting your home business blog online is to generate leads.

Once leads come to your page and then provide you with their contact information, the goal is to provide them with consistent value that they either purchase product from you or decide to join your business.

When promoting to a potential prospect, you want to provide value.  Providing value means you give them good helpful information about a specific topic that will make their life better.

Occasionally, you can mention your product for the purpose of selling.  But, if you try to regularly pitch your product, they will be turned off and will opt out of your list before purchasing any products or services from you.

In a training that I learned from Ray Higdon, a very successful online marketer in the home business arena, you need four things on your blog points.

    1.  Intro
      In the introduction, the prospect learns something about you and how you can help them.  This could be something related to one of the biggest struggles that network marketers have.  And, we all know that the struggle is leads.  (But, be honest in any business, the main struggle is having enough leads and people who are interested in what you are selling.)
    2. Question
      This could be a statement such as,  “If I could show you a way that would help you to have a consistent stream of people who are interested in your business, would you be interested in looking it?”The answer that most honest network marketers are going to have is yes.   I need to have a consistent stream of leads.  I need to know that there are people I can talk to who are interested in my business.
    3. Teach
      This is where you show your potential prospect how applying a certain method can change their business.  If they are already a network marketer.  Explain to them how you improved things in your business by following a specific easy plan.If they are just thinking about joining a direct selling company, then show them how this form of business is the way that they can not only improve their health but also their quality of life with the ability to have more choices for themselves and their family.
    4. Conclusion-A Call to Action
      Make it easy for them to make changes.   Provide a link at the bottom of each online teaching session.  If you don’t provide a way or direct people what to do, then most people will just go back to what is comfortable.  Make it easy for them to follow your lead.  Your sales will increase.Tell them exactly what to do.   A good percentage of those who are really looking for change will follow your recommendation.

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