email marketing tipsDo you wish you could grow your downline so that you develop a strong list of people interested in what you have to say?  How do you communicate with your list so that they eventually purchase your products?

Communicate with Them on a Regular Basis
This means that you do this several times a week.   Some top networkers communicate with their list every day.

The prospects know that this person has something valuable to say so they open the emails and respond positively.   I communicate with prospects several times a week on my blog.

And, I also post twice a day on my FB Fan Page.  I always post at at the same time. These posts can be blog posts links with some information about the value I am providing.

I release the posts  at the same time on each day that I post.   My goal is to communicate something valuable every day.  The main thing when you are starting out and when you have developed a following is consistency.

Don’t provide just more quotes or random thoughts in an effort to post more content.   Post things on your website that are helpful and will help your prospect.

Provide Value
When marketers study peoples buying decisions,  they found that there two reasons why people generally buy.

1.Solve a problem
If your problem is overeating, then purchasing a product like an appetite suppressant or joining a membership organization to help you lose weight will solve the problem of overeating.

There are many other problems that compel people to purchase products in an effort to solve the problem or stop the headache. With all the products on the market, there are going to be many that do a great job of fixing the problem.

In order to get someones business, you just need to properly communicate that to a prospect.   Show them through information an other helpful tips and you will get a customer.

2. Stop a Frustration
If you can provide a product that makes a consumers life easier, then you will earn a customer.  There are many frustrations that most people would prefer to not have to deal with.  So, if you can provide a product at a competitive price that alleviates that frustration, then you will have earned a customer.

If the frustration is lack of money, then provide a product or service that shows them there are options to sitting in commuting traffic everyday in order to earn a living.

Keep your Sales Pitch to a Minimum
If your posts are full of links to purchase products, you will annoy the customer because you are coming off as too pushy.   Your posts should contain at a minimum, 1-2 links.  There really isn’t a reason to have more than that.

I see this everyday in my FB feed with sales consultants from skin care companies constantly posting before and after pictures. Yes, it may actually work.   But, what is unique about that?   Too much activity in the post is overwhelming to a prospect.  Also, you want to give them a reason to read to the end of your post.

Inundating them with offers to purchase your products will annoy them and they will click out of your post.   Have an offer in your post, but keep it to a minimum.

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