Untitled designWhen promoting any direct sales company online, the goal is to meet the needs and desires of potential customers.    This does not necessarily mean that you are selling them products.

But, that you are either providing a service that will help improve their life.  If they are a network marketer, then you do something that helps to grow their network marketing business.

If they are looking at joining a network marketing business, then you provide them information that helps them to see why network marketing is a good fit for them.

When promoting your network marketing company online,  you need to have the following three things in your blog post.

 Have a P.S. Line at the End of your Blog Post
The purpose of the P.S. line is it allows a potential customer the chance to have further interaction with you.  You don’t want to just end the blog post.  You want to offer a potential prospect the opportunity to do additional business with you.

This does not mean that you point them to your primary direct sales opportunity.  It could be just an affiliate opportunity that provides them with helpful information that they could need regardless of whether they join your network marketing opportunity.

If you don’t give them an option, to have further interaction with you, then they will click off your blog. You need to tell them what to do.   People are actually really searching online for answers.

Have a Link in your Blog Post to Purchase Products
If your blog post is a book review sharing good information to help someone in their business, then share a link to where they can purchase the book online.

Assume that people want to and are waiting to purchase product from you.

The major online book retailers will pay you a commission when you promote the purchase of products on their website.   This is just an additional way for you to expand your income base.

If you have an affiliate opportunity, you can always include a link to purchase products from that opportunity as well.

Link to Previous Blog Posts
Another way that you can have potential prospects return to your website is to point them to previous blog posts.  You can do this by linking with a prior blog post in one of your newer posts.  You always want to share with them additional information that will be helpful to them.

The more information that you can provide that will help them make a decision to join your network marketing opportunity or grow what they are currently doing, then they are more likely to return back to your site.

So, always provide value in your direct sales blog posts.  Your prospects will thank you by returning to read more and then becoming customers.

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Thank you.


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