moisturizerYou want to use a moisturizer because you know that your skin needs it.   But, if you are like me, I avoided using any extra cremes on my face for years because I didn’t want my skin to feel oily.

This comes from being a life long acne sufferer.   I didn’t get my acne under control until almost 38 when I discovered that the right skincare ingredients combined with supplements help to clear up my skin.

With acne, you always feel as if your skin is oily.   You just want it to feel soft and be clear.  And, because you are also putting on makeup in addition to the moisturizer, you just want a product that doesn’t make your skin feel heavy.

So, how do you choose a moisturizer?   Well, look for products on the markets that have good ingredients that will promote what you are looking for.


A good moisturizer will always have water.   Water is the one thing that most humans don’t get enough of.   Water is a cleansing ingredient.   If you compare the skin of people who drink a lot of water with those who drink something else, the person who is well hydrated with water will have skin that appears more radiant and healthy than a person who doesn’t drink enough.

Water helps to assist in removing toxins present in the blood stream

Orange Peel Oil
Orange Peels have natural ingredients including, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium.   All of these minerals are great for the skin.   They help the skin to appear more radiant.   Vitamin C is good for helping in preventing acne.

We all know that eating an orange a day is great but it is also good for your skin.   So, look for a moisturizer that has this ingredient.  The orange peel in a wide variety of forms is good for your skin.

Avocado Oil
Avocado oil in a moisturizer is also great for your skin.   The extract taken from the fruit is rich with natural fats that are good for your body and good for your skin.   Avocado oil also has Vitamin E.   Avocado oil also has natural properties that help the skin to absorb other healthy ingredients.

Just like the orange peel extract, avocados taste good and are also great for your skin.  (This coming from someone who love guacamole.)  With both fruits there are additional processes to take the natural extracts and oils in order to add them to a moisturizer.

Cucumber Fruit Extract
Most women know about the benefits of putting cucumbers on your eyes because of their calming properties.   Cucumbers have natural extracts that when removed and processed provide hydration and soothing of the skin.

The cucumber has many vitamins.  (This is actually one of my favorite vegetables.)  The cucumber extract provides added hydration to the skin and they also help in soothing skin that is inflamed.  As a former cystic acne sufferer, I know exactly how it feels to have skin that is inflamed.

Choose a moisturizer that has these natural extracts.  What you do for your body when you eat these vegetables, you will now be nourishing your skin.

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Marti Norris

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