Untitled design-5When choosing a skin care product, many people look at what the product will do for their skin.   The manufacturers of the skin care product make claims about how the product will help improve the appearance of the skin.

But, they don’t really tell you the ingredients that they are using and whether or not it is good to actually put those ingredients on your skin.   After all, the skin is your largest organ.   Whatever you are rubbing on your skin gets absorbed by your body and into your bloodstream.

So,  when choosing a skin care product, for a variety of uses, look for products that have some of the following ingredients.  These ingredients not only make your skin look better.   But, they are good for your skin.

Kiwi Fruit Extract
The extract from the kiwi fruit is used in a variety of products.   For the skin, the extract is beneficial in minimizing dark spots that come from over exposure to the sun.   There are other benefits to the extract from this fruit that help the skin improve its elasticity as we age.   It is commonly known that as we age, the skin loses some of it’s elasticity.   So anything that we can use topically or take orally that will help is going to be beneficial for our body.

The Kiwi Fruit Extract  is not only good for the appearance of the skin, it is also used to promote digestive health as well as other ailments.   The Kiwi Fruit has Vitamin C and Vitamin E.   Both of these vitamins promote skin health as well as internal health.

So, when choosing a skin care product for your face or for your body, try to choose one with this extract.

Chamomile Flower Extract
Chamomile is well known as an herb that can help to calm an upset stomach.  It is usually taken in the form of a tea.   The soothing properties help to calm down irritated skin.

This extract also is great for your skin.  If there are issues where the skin is inflamed from acne or other inflammatory skin conditions, using a cleanser with this extract can help to calm down the inflamed skin.

The chamomile extract is good as an antiseptic because of the soothing properties of this flower.  This extract also contains anti-fungal properties.   The chamomile extract is used in skin products because it can lighten the skin where spots have appeared due to aging and over exposure to the sun.

Citric Acid
Citric acid comes from fruits.   In some cases, acid can cause the skin to be more inflamed.   This may happen on the initial application.   But, once the skin calms down the acid can do its purifying work on the skin.

Acid when used in the right amount is a sanitizer.   As individuals who work in the swimming pool industry, acid is an important part of our job.   But, only when used in the right amounts.   When used too much, it can be harmful.

Citric acid is good  for treating acne, clogged pores.   Citric acid has also been shown to be beneficial for skin lightening.  So, remember what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your skin.   Choose a skin care product with good ingredients.

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