Untitled design-7If you have  recently joined a network marketing company, there are some trainings that tell you to prospect anyone that has a pulse.

They will say that everyone needs to know about the wonderful products that your company has to offer.

I am with a skincare company.   So, there have been statements made that everyone has hair and skin.   So they either need the products or they likely need to earn more money and need the opportunity.

Many newbies to network marketing have done this and not been very happy with the results.   In most cases, very few people sign up and sometimes friendships with family members are damaged.

Well, if  the leaders at network marketing company companies tell me to do it,  why doesn’t it work?

Well, there may have been a time when this worked.   And for some personalities it can still work.

But, you have to be the type of person who doesn’t mind hearing the world “No”.  You have to be set on achieving your goals in spite of being rejected.

Most people can’t continue in the face of that type of rejection.  So what should you do when you want to grow your business?

Well, first realize that everyone is not a lead.   And, then determine, that people fall into three types of categories for leads.

In a training by John and Nadiya Melton, I learned that in order to build your business and be successful, you need to realize that all prospects fall into three categories.

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. RottenRed
    These are prospects that a ripe.   If you are working your business online, then these people have shown by their actions that they are interested in making changes in their life.   They either need to increase their income stream.Or, they want the ability to have more choices about how they spend their time.  A red prospect is ripe like a red apple.   They are ready for something different.   And, they have reached out to you for information on the business or the products.

    They have indicated an interest in network marketing.   These are prospect that understand the business and have stated that they want to join.

    Just because they are ripe doesn’t mean you need to dump everything about your business on them.   Show them the plan and then stop talking.

    Call them up if you have met them online and ask how you can help and share your business.   These people will want to join because they want to make changes or really need an income.

    These are prospects that have said no to your opportunity.   They weren’t rude to you or called it a scam.          They just said this not something that they are interested in.  They may be successful in their own career and aren’t looking for extra money.   So, they say no.   If you are friends with them, the most important thing is the friendship.   So, don’t bring your network marketing company any more.   They have said no, so leave it.

    You can continue to grow your business.   But, just do it without them.   There are plenty of stories of people who joined a company after saying no to their sponsor.   But, some time later, they realized the value in this industry.

    There were changes in their life and they decide that this was something for them.

    So, leave it.   They may be red at a later date.   So just leave it alone.  Keep being a great friend.   That is way more important.

    These are customers who will not be prospects.   They are not interested in improving their life.   People that join network marketing companies, even just on a whim are wanting something more in their life.They want to believe that maybe they can improve things in their life.

    There are those who don’t believe that this is possible.   They are negative.

    So, leave them alone with prospecting and trying to get them to join your company.  Focus on the red customers.   They are ripe and they are willing to listen to what you have to share.

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