Untitled design-3Wrinkles,  every one gets them and they are unavoidable.   So, what are the environmental factors that cause wrinkles?

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your lungs and your health.   But, smoking is also bad for your skin.   Cigarette’s contain carbon monoxide that affects the skin and takes away from it’s natural glow.

Also, the effects of smoking cause the average smoker’s skin to look at least 1+ years older.   The reason that the skin of smokers develops wrinkles at a faster rate is that smoking hinders the oxygen supply to the skin.

When the skin is lacking oxygen, it will appear less supple or soft.   The skin will naturally age and eventually develop wrinkles,   But smoking will accelerate the development of wrinkles on your face.

Even if you quit, you can reverse some of the effects but it is hard to remove the visible effects of smoking on your face.

Pollution over time causes the skin to develop wrinkles.   You cannot avoid pollution unless you live far away from civilization.   If you live in a major world city, then you will need to take extra steps to fight against the effects of air pollution on your skin.

The air pollution emitted from cars contains tiny particles that are called PM’s.

Scientists studying the effects of aging have learned that the toxins from the air pollution can cause the skin to accelerate the aging process.   The toxins in the air can also cause dark spots to form on the skin in addition to the wrinkles.

City dwellers tend to walk more than those living in the suburbs.   So, they are naturally going to be exposed to more of the toxins from the traffic.   If you live in a city then you will need to take extra steps to combat your exposure to these toxic particles.

Most individuals, even young children know that exposure to the sun has damaging effects on the skin.   This is why you cover up with sunscreen before you go spend a day at the beach.  The sunscreen blocks the harmful UV rays.

Exposure to the suns harmful rays can happen poolside or even at high elevations.   Just last week, I was skiing the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah.   In the ski lodge bathrooms, there was complimentary sunscreen to use before going back out on the slopes.

Even when the temperatures are below freezing,  If the sun is shining then there can be exposure to the harmful rays.  The more exposure to the sun without any protection, then the exposure causes an acceleration of the skins natural aging process.

Your skin will naturally age.  And, if you try to stop this process, then you will end up looking unnatural.

So, try to limit your exposure to toxins   And, if you live in a large city make sure that you do whatever is necessary to reasonably protect your skin from the toxins.   Also, make sure that you use the best products possible to help fight against the natural aging process.

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Marti Norris

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