Untitled designYou have been posting to your FB page and providing great content on your personal blog.   One day you get a message from a lead asking for more information.Your heart skips a beat.

Someone has actually reached out to you asking for more information about your generic marketing system.  Or, even better they want information about your network marketing company.

So, what do you say to them?   What are the steps so that you don’t mess up this contact.

Text them about Video Chat
If you are home or in control of your schedule, then message them and ask them to join you on a video phone call from FB Messenger.If they respond, then go on a video chat.   This is the best way for them to see that you are a real person.   You are not a robot sending out spam messages to a fake page.

If Yes, then Reach out to Them on Skype   
When going on a video chat, the best thing is Skype or a video chat.   You want to do the call that works the best regardless of where you are calling.

Skype or video phone call from FB are usually quite reliable at making a connection regardless of where you call.Some of the other video services are not as reliable.   You don’t want to go with a service that would disrupt the call or make it difficult to get in touch with the prospect.

Explain to them about Elite Marketing Pro
The third step is during the video phone call.   Tell them first about Elite Marketing Pro.   Show them that this is a generic marketing system that they can use with any network marketing.

If they have already joined a network marketing company, then they can use this system to help them with generating leads on the internet.   Tell them how much it costs and that there are different levels of membership.

Make it easy for them to understand.   Show them that if they don’t do this system, they will have to market their business online.   As it is not sustainable to build a long term team using the warm market methods, they will have to learn how to develop leads online.

The EMP system allows them to follow a planned system that will get them leads and results.

Show Them the Back Office of EMP
Log into your system by showing  a shared screen.   Tell them about EMP and you can use this.  It is a generic marketing system that you can use with any company.

Show them when they join, they have access of all this training.   They have access to all the courses and teachers posting on the company website.

The EMP system allows them to follow a planned system that will get them leads and results.

When talking to a prospect about EMP, you want to convey to them the value that they will receive for joining EMP.   You do this by showing them on your computer your back office.

Now if you are on video on your laptop, you will show them the back office on your desktop.   You show them the tremendous amount of resources and training that they will receive to help them with their own business by joining EMP.   (Yes, there is a commission for you depending on your membership level but the value they receive is great.)

Make it easy for them to see what they will receive.  If they are interested in joining your network marketing business, then show them your company website and specific products.   And, if you have products, then send them the products.

Prospects need to know what you will receive by joining you.   Make it easy for them.

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