What are the Secrets of Writing a Great Email to Your List?

You have followers from your Facebook page and even better, you now have leads.

But, in order to have a business, people need to join your opportunity and purchase products.   Or, they need to join your marketing system so that you receive affiliate commissions.

In a recent training from Diane Hochman with Elite Marketing Pro,  I learned how to write emails that people will want to open.   In order to write a good email, you need to do the following things:


The most important part of the email is the subject line.   When a prospect receives your email, they see the subject line.   That is what pops up in their email.   If the subject line is compelling, then the prospect will open it.

If the prospect opens your email and actually reads it, then you have a good chance of them doing what you are requesting in the email.

When you learn to write compelling copy, then a good percentage of individuals will open your email and ready through to the end.

And, remember you only need a small percentage to read to the end and purchase your product.

This is part of the email where you explain your subject line.  If you are telling a story, then tell the story.  Remember to make it engaging when you tell it.   Now you don’t have to give every detail but you do need to share the important things.

If you aren’t sharing a story, then this section of the email has to be the part where you explain the reason for your email.

Whatever you decide to share, make sure that you are providing value and giving the reader something for    opening your email.  If you just drag on about your day or what you are doing with, blah. blah, blah, they will tune you out, and not click on the next email that comes from you.

So, make it interesting and compelling and the prospect will keep reading.

The disclaimer is the legalese at the bottom of the email that tells the person that you are trying to sell them something.   It could either be to purchase a product or join as an affiliate.

You aren’t just emailing them for fun, you are emailing them because you want them to ultimately join you or purchase something from you.

If you don’t have a disclaimer, you could have the authorities on your back or you could find yourself in worse trouble, like an orange jumpsuit.

IF you are wondering, about where to find the right legalese, then you can post that question in the Elite Marketing Pro Forum.

You will meet many seasoned, successful marketers who will know exactly the right wording that needs to be at the bottom of your email.   And, most importantly, you will be covered.

You need to tell them what to do at the end of your email.  Either, they need to join you as an affiliate or click on a link for more information.  You need to have this at the end of every email and post.   Tell the prospect what you want them to do.

If you don’t give them that option, then they will click out of your website, and you won’t hear from them again.

Tell them what to do.   Make it easy for them to click.  And, you will see in time, that many of them will.

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