Untitled design-3So, the customer is now on your landing page.   Great.  But, how do you get them to give you their information?  Your goal is always to begin the dialogue with them.  Then you will have the chance for them to know, like and trust you.  When you establish this relationship, then you have the possibility of them purchasing something from you in the future.

And, less than 30% of the people who are on your list will be the ones that will buy from you.   So, i’t important to give value on that page so that people want to purchase what you have.

In a webinar by David Garfinkel and Tim Erway, I learned that a good landing page template will have three elements:

-A good method of delivery;
-Not being shy about the privacy policy.

A good landing page template will have something that draws the reader in.  The offer will be something that convinces the potential prospect that it is worth putting their name and email address to receive some information from the offering party.

The offer can be a report or a video that shares valuable information with the potential prospect.  Also, the more unique the you can make your offer, the more likely people are going to opt in to your mailing list.

If you are struggling with deciding on an offer, reach out to someone who is a successful internet/network marketer for help with an offer.   They may even share theirs with you.

A good method of delivery of your free information can be either a video or a written report.  In my case, I provide a written one page report of information to network marketers on how to build a business online and not harass your friends and family.  The video could provide instruction on how I build this business and the steps that I follow to achieve a good outcome.

When doing a video or a report, you need to provide a step by step method.  It needs to be clear to your prospect what you are seeking to help them with.  You need to make it very easy for any prospect to follow.

Remember, only about five percent of your prospects will join your business.  So, if you can provide them another product that will help them with their business, then you are in a win-win situation.

One of the primary concerns that most people have with giving out their personal information is that it will be sold to another broker.  When creating an offer, one of the most important things that you need to reiterate is that the prospects information will not be sold to another broker.

This policy of protecting their personal information needs to be prominent on the opt-in page.  There should be no doubt in the mind of your prospect about the security of their personal information.  Take this lightly and this is a sure fire way to not have people opt-in to your page.

So, provide something of value, make it easy to follow and let the prospect know that their information is safe.

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