network marketing proYou know that some people do make a bunch of money in these “businesses”.  But, most people don’t make any money,  they just spend money.   If many of these companies are still in business selling products, someone must by purchasing their products.

So, if you want to be successful in this business,  what do you need to do in order to make money that would allow you to leave your job or help out your spouse to give them more options?

There are three qualities that you need to consider in order to be successful in this business.

  •  What sets you Apart from other Network Marketers?
    This means if someone is thinking of joining your business, why would they want to join you instead of another network marketer?   How are you going to help them grow their business?Do they know that you will be available to them to talk to people or encourage them when they are wondering about the business.
  • Are you Relatable with Struggles and Successes?
    A person with good people skills will do well as a network marketer.   A person who shows that they actually care about the success of other people will do well.  When you let people know that the reason you are sharing this with them is because it will benefit them more than it will benefit you.
    Do you share with your downline your fears about building this business?   Do you let them know about the times that you have struggled.  This is one of the few businesses where it’s okay as a Leader to be vulnerable.
  • Who will Identify with your Story and Want to Follow your Lead?
    You will not see your downline grow as long as people don’t relate to you.  If they see your success but don’t see it happening for them, then they will drop out and you will not see the results that you are looking for.

    It doesn’t matter how much success you may have had in Corporate America, growing a network marketing business is something completely different.  Those in your downline have to believe that the same can happen for them.  This is regardless of what their work history is.

    So, if you want to become a network marketing pro, follow someone who already is and learn their secrets.

    This is not an easy business.   But, if you follow the steps clearly laid out for you, then you will be a success and you will be able to teach others to do the same.

To learn how to become a network marketing pro and leave your friends alone, make sure to click on the link below.

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