Untitled design-3We are half way through the winter in North Georgia  It has been a more mild winter than most.  During the winter many more people suffer with dry skin conditions.

Skin has a tendency to become drier when there is less moisture in the air.   The lack of moisture in the air is due to the low humidity.

When your skin is lacking in moisture, it can become dry and brittle as depicted in the picture.   So, what are the primary causes of dry skin?

In the winter skin tends to be drier due to the lack of moisture in the environment.   Now, for someone with a naturally oily complexion, having dry skin seems like a good thing.

But, dry skin is not something that is harmful.   It is mostly embarrassing because of where the dry skin usually appears.   It usually shows up on your elbows and hands.

The cold winter air can dry out skin.   But, when you are inside in the winter for extended periods of time, then the skin can also dry out as well from the indoor dry heat.   The extra heat from hot showers and indoor furnaces also contributes to dry skin.

We all know that our mother warned us to put on sunscreen when we go outside.   Even when we protect against the harmful UV rays, the exposure to the sun can dry out our skin.  if you have to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, then the best thing is to protect against it with a good quality sunscreen.    A sunscreen with a protective range between 30-40 is sufficient.   If you don’t protect, then you run the serious risk of getting skin cancer with repeated exposure to the sun unprotected.

Choosing a Treatment
So, what do you do?   Dry skin is common so drinking water is always good and using a good moisturizer helps to alleviate this common condition.   Make sure that the lotion you are putting on your skin is also good for your skin.

The makeup of your lotion is very important.   So, do your research and use a product that will treat your dry skin but also be healthy for your skin at the same time.  Usually, the bargain brand lotion will not give your skin the best ingredients.

But there are actually great products that will protect your skin while being good for your skin.

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