You have been in your network marketing business for less than six months,  you have been through your 100 names list and only two people joined.

Everyone else told you “No.  Why Did You Get Involved with this scam?”

In spite of these major disappointments, you still believe that you can be a success at this business if you could just figure out how to build and maintain a downline.

But, you know that approaching people who previously had not indicated an interest in this industry is not going to get you to the top.  Well, network marketing is no different than other forms of marketing, except for the manner in which we choose to market.

All top marketers say, “Know your audience.  When you know what your particular market is interested in, then you will see the growth earn the substantial income that everyone when they first join a network marketing company talks about.

If you are like me who just doesn’t accept all the answers provided, you are going to want to find out if maybe the process by which individuals are told to recruit is flawed.

How can you learn to market to people who actually are interested in the concept of network marketing.  Also, some individuals are able to make it to the top ranks but they then have difficulty with helping those that they recruited to also make it to the top ranks and teach others the same.  How do you find the people that want to be with the company for the long hill?

In my own company, I recently contacted someone who was in my upline but found out that although she had achieved at one time considerable success in this business, she had not attended a meeting in a number of years and her sales had dropped and she lost her title and income.

Why is it that individuals who were once motivated have decided that this is just too hard to maintain?

I think that it could possibly be that the process by which individuals are told to recruit is flawed. Therefore, only a small percentage make it to the top.

What if there were a better way to network your way to the top of your company and be able to teach others to do the same? If this were the case, individuals who joined would know that they could make it to the top and they could definitely teach others to do the same.

I think the answer is that you must ask the right questions when finding out if your “prospect” is potentially someone who would be right for your business.

You let them answer their own questions as to why they want a change in their life. As a “network marketer”, you must make the determination after asking certain questions whether this opportunity would be right for them.

This is Not for Everyone
Most people actually need network marketing, they just don’t know it.   Only a very small percentage of wealthy people don’t need the income that this business provides.

In order to be successful, you must be willing to stop trying to sell everyone on your network marketing opportunity.  Let them make their own decision. If you do this, then you will build a strong downline and they will also succeed in this business and not become part of the high attrition rate.

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