What are the Keys to a Successful Group Presentation for Your Network Marketing Business?

A prospect has agree to meet with you.   You are now excited that there is an actual prospect.   So, What are the Keys to a successful group meeting for your Network Marketing Business?

Well, in the book, “Contagious Selling” by David A. Rich, he lists five things that when you follow at each prevention in a group or one on one will make you successful.

Show that You are Part of the Presentation
If you want to sell something to a prospect, then you have to develop a relationship with them.

You develop a relationship by showing that there are similarities.

If your prospect speaks in a slower tone, then talking to them a mile a minute will not help to build a bridge with them.   They will not be able to relate to you.

So, if they are a slow speaker, slow down.

Find ways to show that your a part of the presentation, not just

Ask for Feedback
Remember, when you are talking to a prospect, you need to ask questions.  It’s not about vomiting everything to the prospect about your products.

Find out what the needs of the prospect are.   Find out what they contacted you?   Find out if they are really interested in joining a network marketing company?   Why did they even say yes to come to your invitation?   There has to be a reason why they agreed to speak with you.

Learn to address those needs and you will build a bridge and get their feedback.   The prospect will see that they can trust you.

Don’t Oversell
When making a group or one on one presentation, the goal is to find out what the needs of the customer are.   You are there to find out why the prospect agreed to listen to you in the first place.   There was a reason that they wanted to talk to you about your products.

It’s because they have an actual interest in what you are selling.  You don’t know these things unless you actually find out what their needs are.

Assume the Sale
if the prospect has agreed to talk to you, they are probably interested in what you are selling.   Most people are really busy, so time is precious and they aren’t going to waste it talking to you about your products if they aren’t interested.

You can go ahead and assume that positive things will happen in this sales meeting.  There is nothing wrong with assuming that this prospect will join your opportunity.  Or, at a minimum purchase products from you.

Tell Them What to Do
If you want your prospect to join, then you need to tell them to join you in your opportunity.   If they aren’t ready yet, then give them the information that they need.

You don’t want to beg anyone to join your opportunity.  It has to be their choice to do the.   You can present them the information.  Then say something like, “I thought this would b a good fit based upon what you have told me in the past.

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