Untitled design-3Most women want to moisturize their skin and they want it to smell good.   Why do they choose lotions instead of using a natural oil?   The answer because they think that lotions is less greasy.   We want to smell good but not feel greasy from applying lotion.

Before you rub the lotion all over your body, read the label and take a look to see what is in it.

It is most likely that the lotions you use from your favorite chain stores have some ingredients that may smell good but they aren’t good for your skin, the bodies largest organ.

Here are the ingredients found in common chain and drug store lotions that you need to avoid:

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
This is a chemical that is used in cosmetics, including body lotions.   BHA is a preservative used in lotions that allows these products to have a longer shelf life than products that don’t contain this chemical

You should be concerned about using products with this preservative as it is also used in packaging, rubber and petroleum products.

You really don’t want to rub something on your skin in order to smell good that is also used with petroleum products.

Diethyl Phthalate
This chemical is from a group called Phthalates.   Phthalates are used in bug sprays and cosmetics as well as other products.  Phthalates are fragrances that when used indoor make some people who may already have respiratory issues more sensitive.)    (My husband is someone who is extremely sensitive to any type of perfume.   It almost immediately makes him uncomfortable.)

Parabens are generally found in most body lotions that you purchase at the drug store.   Parabens are a preservative that allow retailers to leave the product on the shelf for a longer period of time.

But there are safer alternatives that some manufacturers are now using.   But, this may come at a higher cost for the lotion.   But, if you want to put safe products on your skin, then you may need to spend a little more money.

Retinyl Palmitate
This chemical/compound is actually a form of Vitamin A.   So you would think because a product contains Vitamin A, then it is safe for your skin.   This form of Vitamin A, is found  in sunscreens.  Exposure to this compound has resulted in some negative results for laboratory mice.

This compound can be used but its better to use it you are are outside.

My personal opinion would be that you never use a product that has this chemical.   There are plenty of products on the market that don’t use this chemical.

This chemical is used as a balancer in cosmetic products.   If this chemical is used as a balancer then you should not use this in a product that you rub on the skin, the bodies largest organ.

Although this chemical is widely used, you really should avoid it.

All of the listed chemicals make your favorite lotions less oily.   But there is a tradeoff, you are actually putting chemicals on your skin.   These chemicals are not good for skin.

Find products that are safe for your skin.  Yes, they will likely cost your more but you will be saving your skin and your health long term.   That is worth spending the extra money.

I have been using safe chemicals/compounds for more than five years.   Yes, it costs more but it has been worth it.   You want to know that can not only smell good but avoid any toxic chemicals.

Thank You, for visiting my page and have a great day.

Marti Norris

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