Are you a network marketer?   Are you thinking of going online to market your company?   Then you need to know what is the best way to appeal to your potential customer.   There is a specific psychology behind why an individual purchases a product.   It doesn’t matter what the product is.   Every consumer goes through a specific buying process.

I learned these reasons in a online webinar training by Andrew Draughton from Elite Marketing Pro.

The key in reaching them is to understand that process and tailor your product or service towards that process.  So, what are the five reasons that people purchase your product?

This is one of the major reasons that people purchase certain products. If you think of the larger items that people purchase a product, it is for security.   This would include a home.  People buy a home in the best neighborhood that they can afford within reason.   They don’t buy in high crime areas.   They want to feel secure.

People purchase cars in the same way.   They purchase the safest car that they can afford.   People don’t buy small cars for safety.   That is never one of the buying decisions.

People also choose a financial planner based upon their need for security.   They want to feel secure that when they retire their money will be safe and they will be safe financially.

My spouse and I run a small swimming pool maintenance business.  People hire us because they want to know that they are swimming in a safe pool, free from any harmful bacteria.   They want to know that their children are safe.  Security in their pool is worth paying for every month.

Reasons people buyPRESTIGE
This one is easy to figure out.   We know that people purchase expensive name brand products like purses, clothing and shoes.   Purchasing these items is a sign of prestige to be able to afford these items-or in many cases go into debt.

People purchase cars for the same reasons.   At Christmas time, you see expensive cars in front of beautiful homes wrapped with big bows.   My thought usually is, “How much debt are they in to afford such things?”

The prestige issue is often more for an appearance of what other people will think of them that they can afford such nice things.   But, prestige is an effective marketing tool.


This is one that my spouse can relate to.   He is a devoted Apple products consumer.   When the upgraded phones came out in 2016, he decided that he would do the upgrade.   We purchased the new phones.   And, to this day, I don’t see any difference between my old phone and the new one.

I liked the newness of the product for about a month.   But, after that it was the same as my old phone.   The thing about newness is that it wears off quickly when you are still paying for the product months after the product is no longer new.

This is an effective marketing tool,  People like to have new things.   Women especially like to have new outfits.  But, after about one or two times wearing it, the newness is gone.


This one is easy to understand, people purchase things for themselves because of how it makes them feel.  A  lady purchases a new outfit because it makes her feel good.   A man makes similar decision based upon the products that he likes.

Marketers appeal to this buying decision for a wide variety of products from the smallest item to large ticket items

For women, this is one of the primary motivators for them with purchasing things for their home.  It makes them feel good when their home looks beautiful.

If you are seeking to encourage someone to purchase your product or service, find a way to focus on this need and you will have a buyer for life.

reasons people buyBOREDOM
Consumers, myself included by things for no other reason than the fact that they are bored.   Everyday life of getting up, going to work and school is very routine.  And, after time can become boring.

People like to sometimes have a change from the ordinary so they will often purchase items that they don’t need just because they think it will make their life more exciting.

One of these purchases for men is sometimes a boat.   These are often purchases that people end up regretting.

As an online marketer, learning to tailor your offer towards one of these reasons will allow you to connect with your buyer and make a sale.

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