cold callerWhat is the goal of every network marketer?   The answer,  “to sell product”.   Another answer would be to recruit people.   But, if you are only recruiting and not selling product then you don’t have an effective business model and the company will fail.

The best thing is to sell product and then have a percentage of the people who purchase product from you decide that they also want to build a business.

So, when people message you about your business.   You eventually will have to pick up the phone and talk to them.  You can’t hide on the internet forever

If you want to be successful in calling these new leads, then you need to have these five qualities when contacting a new prospect:

    When you contact a new lead for the first time by phone, be enthusiastic and positive.   This means that there is a positive tone in your voice.   You are happy to call them to answer their questions.   This isn’t a sales call.

Be positiveEvent though they have reached out to you, you need to answer their questions, tell them the reason for your call.   After that, you can share with them about the company that you represent.

Be happy to share with them about what you know.   You can tell them some initial information about your company but don’t vomit all over them about your product.

You will have lost the chance to have a relationship with them and then sell them something in the future.

Yes.   More people will say no to you than will say yes.   When people tell you “no”, it should not phase you.   They are saying no to the product and not to you.  You can’t take it personally.

If you get depressed because people have said no to you then you aren’t cut out for sales, you may need to find something else to do where you won’t be dealing with rejection.   But, if you learn to handle rejection, then you will learn that there are plenty of people out there that are interested in your product or service.

goal3.  HAVE GOALS
Have daily goals and then have weekly goals.  Write down for the week what you want to accomplish.  You probably have heard the statement, “What gets measured gets accomplished.”  If you don’t know what you want to achieve, then you won’t accomplish it.

If you are a network marketer, maybe you have a goal to replace your income at work so that you can be home with your children.   Then you need to write it down exactly what you need to accomplish every day in order to replace that daily income.

With my online business, my usual goal is to do four blog posts a week posted to my website and also on social media.

I am currently starting with video and will soon be posting videos regularly on social media.

This means write down the daily work that you need to do in order to achieve that goal.

Put it on paper and break it down into small workable goals for each week and then for the month.   When you treat your sales work and building your network marketing business like a business, then you will see results.  If you treat it like a hobby, you will have a hobby income which would be very little.

When you work your plan on consistently, you will naturally see results.  It just works that way in sales.   Everyone who is successful in this area will tell you that is the truth.

When you know exactly what you are going to accomplish, then you will see the results.   In network marketing, if you are selling a product that people want, need and desire, then you will find people that want to purchase that product.   If the product is priced competitively, there will be plenty of buyers out there.  It is your job to do the sifting to find those buyers.

It isn’t your job to convince everyone.  It’s your job to find the people that want to purchase your product.   The more sifting that you do, the more you will find people that want to purchase what you are selling.  And, they will be happy to spend the money.

So, learn to develop these five qualities when contacting your cold sales leads who have reached out to you.

You will have the sales that you desire.

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