skin exfoliationWhat Are the Benefits of Exfoliation for Men?   How often should I exfoliate?   These are questions that people-mostly women ask themselves as they age.  Exfoliation is the process of removing the layer of old dead skin cells.  Remember that men and women have different skin cells on their face so their skin care regimen will be different.

Men can improve the quality of their shave by using a skin cleanser that has an exfoliator.  If you are like most men-my husband included-the extent of your face washing routine-will be when you lather up in the shower. They don’t generally stand in front of the mirror and wash their face like women do or use a weekly mask treatment.  So, most men don’t think about their skin like women do but if you would like to have your skin look good as you are aging, then you may want to consider skin exfoliation.

Since, an extra step in their skin care regimen is not something that most men will do, you should consider using an exfoliating wash.   This is a skin cleanser with an exfoliator built in.  When you exfoliate, it will help to prep your skin for a clean, closer shave.

When looking for a cleanser with exfoliater, look for ingredients like beta hydroxy acids.  Beta hydroxy acids are those that naturally removes old skin cells and leaves skin looking younger.  Other great exfoliating ingredients are pineapple and papaya enzymes.  These natural enzymes not only do a great job exfoliating, they also taste and smell good too.

If you use a natural exfoliator with these types of ingredients, you are putting  nutrient rich treatments on your skin.  This will always be good for your skin.

So, put ingredients into your body as well as the products that you use on your skin.   Your face will tell you the difference.

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