meT9lECWhat are normal vitamin d levels?  This is a question that you may have asked yourself after visiting your doctor and he tells you that your vitamin D levels are low.  Most people assume that if you eat enough foods that contain this vitamin and get some occasional-not too much-exposure to the sun, then your vitamin D levels should be in range.  If you spend time in the sun but use sunscreen then your sunscreen blocks your skin from absorbing the beneficial vitamin D.  You will need to check with your health care provider to see what the normal vitamin d levels are for someone with your height and weight.

If your vitamin D levels are low, then you run the risk of your immunity being compromised and you getting sick more often.  If you need to increase your levels of vitamin D beyond what you are already doing, then you may have to look into other ways to absorb more vitamin D. This can by taking vitamin D supplements or increasing consumption of  foods that contain vitamin D.

Another possibility is by taking a vitamin D supplement in the form of a spritz.  A vitamin D spritz is another alternative to improving your vitamin D levels.  With a spritz, it doesn’t require that you be exposed to the suns harmful rays,  you can take the spritz with you and spray it any time-just not on someone else, unless they ask you what you are spraying in the middle of the day.  Essentials spray for Vitamin D and B12 is a vitamin D supplement spray.

This sprays allows you to supplement your vitamin D deficiency.  In addition to improving your vitamin D levels, the spritz even tastes good.  Now remember, the best thing is eat a diet which provides all the dietary recommended amounts for vitamins and minerals but if you still fall short, then you may want to consider a spray.


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