Network Marketing Recruiting SkillsWhat are Four Ways to Improve Your Network Marketing Recruiting Skills?

So you want to build your business offline as well as online.  You don’t want to harass your friends and family.  These relationships are too important to bother them about your “business”.

As any successful networker will tell you, if you aren’t in places to meet people, then you will not grow your network.

Now, I’m not talking about standing in the aisles at the malls waiting to meet people who walk buy.

So, how do you build it.   Well, you can work on doing the following four things.  It will seem awkward at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will become and you will eventually see results.

  1. Go To Places Where You Will Meet People
    When you go to networking events, you meet people who are there to talk about what they do for a living.   They will ask you the same and then it just naturally flows to talk about your network marketing company.Other networking events could be job fairs, local festivals and even just volunteering.
    As a way to make conversation, people if they are interested in you will naturally ask what do you do for a living.   You just answer and then stop.   Let them ask questions.  It plants a seed and they you water it at a later date.You can follow up with them by friending them on social media.
  2. Ask for People’s Business Cards.
    When you meet someone new in any environment, ask them for their business card.   Go to networking events where people will have their business cards.  You are going to meet people who are looking for opportunities and interested in making changes in their lives.

At networking events, people expect you to talk to them about your business.  So, talking about your network marketing business will flow naturally.  But, remember, you are only there to share what you do not try to recruit people.

3.  Sharpen your Listening Skills.  Ask people questions about themselves. Find out about their current profession?  What do they enjoy about it?  Ask questions about their family.   People always love to talk about themselves.  They will respond by asking you to talk about your life and profession.

In all situations in person or on the phone, work to sharpen your listening skills.   The more you learn to listen, the more you will connect with others.  This will be an important skill when growing your business and building relationships.

4.  Drop crumbs about your company over your shoulder without throwing everything on them.  This means that you drip things about the opportunity on to them.  You don’t just throw it at them right from the beginning.  If you develop the relationship with them, then you will have the foundation and people will be interested in hearing about your opportunity because you showed an interest in them.

It could be something as simple as putting a post on social media about your company, maybe something interesting about the company.   If the company has a unique product-and they better-post information about that on social media.

These types of steps will start to fertilize the ground for people who are looking either now or later to make changes in their life.

Thank you.


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