In any area of life,  if you want to grow, you need to be aware of your need to grow. Building a network marketing business is no different.  Top network marketers know that if you aren’t growing and building your organization, then you may just be shrinking.

So, if you want to grow your network marketing business, then where do you start?  Well, there are four things that I learned in the book by Karl Albrecht,  “The Only Thing That Matters ” that will help you to grow.

network marketerBuild awareness of the need and opportunity for improvement;
You need to let people and remind yourself that you need to grow in a specific area.   This means that you let someone know that you want to build an organization.  That you have a specific goal as a network marketer to have this growth in your life.

Focus on your goal that you want to grow in this area of life.  If you don’t focus on it, then you won’t see the growth that you desire.  I”m sure you have heard the saying,  “What get’s measured, gets improved.”

Growing this type of business including improving your sponsoring rate is the same as seeking to grow in another area of business.

Set Goals for Improvement
Set goals on a monthly basis that are attainable.  This means if you have never made any money online in your network marketing business, then don’t set a goal that next month you are going to make $5000.  This won’t happen and you will quit.  Set something more attainable like $200.

Look at your goal in the morning and at night so that you keep focused on it.  Stop doing things that won’t bring you closer to your goal.

Organize to Reach the Goals
If you have a downline in your network marketing business, then communicate your goals to your group.  Determine what you need to accomplish on a daily/weekly basis in order to reach these goals.

If you have a plan to reach your goals, then you will see movement towards them.  If  you don’t have a plan, then you will just coast like most people do in life.

Provide Training
Once you have reached your goals, write down what you did to accomplish these goals.  Pass this information on to those in your downline.  So, if they are serious about building a business, they can follow the same steps and see the growth in their business as well.

When they reach goals based upon the training that you provided, they are going to share your training with others in their downline.   Your online influence will naturally grow.

When you are starting to see results, continue to do the steps that brought you the initial results.   Don’t stop because you now have some income coming in.

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