What Are Four Reasonsto Write a Blog for Network Marketing?

If you are wondering why you need to do this to build your network marketing business, the answer is because it works.

People who are thinking of joining a network marketing business  or have joined one are looking for ways to build their business

If you have joined a network marketing business and want a way to build it and leave your friends and family alone, then you need to start writing a blog.   So, to help you start, here are four reason why you should be blogging.

People are Looking
Seekers are going online in an effort to find ways to earn more money   If they have joined a network marketing company, they are looking for a way to grow their business.   Even though their upline is telling them to make a list of their friends and family, they are looking for other ways to build their business internet.

Search engine tools show that more than 4,000 people per day are searching the terms network marketing.  Many people make fun of this type of business.   But this doesn’t change the fact that when you are successful in this business, it gives you options in life.

You can choose how much money you want to make and when you want to work.

Repeat Exposure
Lets say you make the dreaded 100 names list.   After you have talked to all the people on the list and many of them have told you, “No”., the only way to expose them to your message again to personally talk to them again about the opportunity.

Writing a blog and learning how to promote it is a soft way to present the opportunity to people who are actually interested.  Your blog post when promoted properly through social media forms will show up in peoples news feed and expose them to your opportunity.

You only had to write the post once but with exposure, people are being reminded about it.   And, if they are really thinking about making a change, then they are going to come to your blog for information

Developing a Duplicate Skill
Becoming a copywriter and learning to develop this skill is something that can be repeated.   By blogging and sharing your information with others, they can learn to do the same thing to promote their business.

You teach them by sharing through blog posts and the books that you have read to help them develop this skill.   If they are serious about growing their business, then they will make the effort.   You don’t have to physically sit them down and teach them copywriting.

The skill of learning how to write copy that persuades is something that you can duplicate, over and over.

Can do it from Home
Many people are looking for ways to earn money from home.   If they are a Mom who wants to stay home with her children, she would like to earn an income to help out the family.

If you are fortunate that your spouse earns a great income so that the other spouse can stay home, then maybe you also want to contribute.   Having that dual income helps remove some of the stress of the one income earner.

And earning an income helps provide a sense of satisfaction for both parties.   And, the extra income provides more flexibility for the family.

Many people, men and women are looking for a way for their family to have more options and blogging and learning copywriting skills provides them a way.

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