email marketingFor any online marketer, the goal is to attract customers, some who will eventually purchase products.  This is a marathon process.

Just like a marathon, it will not happen overnight. In order to be a strong email marketer, then you have to do the daily work of posting on your blog and providing value to your potential customers.

So, if you want to attract customers to your product, then what are the best things to give away in an email marketing campaign?

1)Email mini course;
2)Newsletter-series of messages;
3)Series of special reports;
4)Audio messages;
5)Web video messages.

David Garfinkel, a top email marketer and copywriter stated in his online training that if you want to attract people who are interested in your products.  Here are five things that you can use as give aways.

Email Mini Course
This can be one email that tells a new marketer how to do something specific.  It can be more than one message but it can also be just one email.If you want to teach your downline something specific, then you provided them the actual steps in this email on what they need to do.  Make it clear and easy to understand.

Newsletter-Series of Messages
A series of messages can be a mini course where you go into more detail in each email.  You break it up into a few days.   It doesn’t have to actually be a week.It can just be several.   A series can be anything from 1-3 or more.   It just depends on the purpose of this email marketing campaign.  Your primary goal needs to be that each email builds on the next one.

You want the prospects anxious to receive your next message.  They know that you are going to provide good helpful information to help them grow their business.

Series of Special Reports
I am focused on helping network marketers grow their business.  Or, if it’s a good fit for them join the company that I represent.  The special reports could provide information on statistics about the network marketing industry and the company that I represent.

The more information that potential customers have about the industry, they are more likely to make an informed decision about joining..  You want people to join because they have the right information, not because of hype and thinking they are going to get rich overnight.

Audio Messages
This can be messages that are spoken instead of written down.  Some people are better talkers than writers.  As long as they write down some notes, they can communicate their ideas by spoken instead of the written word.

Most audio messages are going to be in the form of a podcast.   In a podcast, they can be tailored to all network marketers, potential network marketers or individuals who have already joined your network marketing company.  Usually, in this format, the messages are going to be longer than a few minutes.

Web Video Messages
Web video messages can be the same as a series of emails.  But, the difference you communicate them by video so the prospect can see your happy face.You want to always make sure that you are communicating value.

Also, it’s good to not do the video with your workout clothes on.  You want to present a somewhat professional image.

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