pexels-photo-208494So, you are putting out good content, people are checking out your blog and you are finally getting the traffic on your blog that you have been struggling so hard to get.

But, your subscribers are still are not purchasing your affiliate products or deciding to join your network marketing company?   What is the problem with your website optimization rate?

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What is website optimization rate?  This is when a prospect comes to your site, finds something interesting.  They then provide you their contact information or even better, purchase a product.   This is your website optimization rate.

So, when someone comes to your site.  You need to make sure that always ask for the sale.   If you don’t ask for the sale, then people won’t have the chance to buy.

Don’t just assume that people will buy what you are recommending unless you ask them to do so.  Sometimes, they just need a little help.  Remember, ask-in a nice way-for the sale.  You will start to see the conversions that you are looking for.

Also, when discussing your business with your warm market, when appropriate, always be sure to follow up.  If you give out a sample, call them back to see what their thoughts were on the product.  Many people are actually interested.  W

f they aren’t interested in joining, then they may likely be interested in purchasing product.

If you show someone the business, then ask what they think about the presentation?  Get a yes or a no and then move on.  If the answer is no.   Leave it, don’t press them.  But, don’t not follow up.

You never know, someone could actually be looking for this type of business, but you never followed up with them to get their feedback.

If you ask any top earner in network marketing, they never woke up one day and made the decision to join a network marketing company.  This choice and belief in the industry usually happen over time.

People are interested in network marketing.  When they are really looking for time and income options, they will be open to this industry.

So, remember, make sure to always do the following:

  1. Ask the prospect about the product or opportunity after showing  it;
  2. Make sure to always do follow up on any product samples.

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