direct marketing companyAre you looking for a creative way to promote your direct marketing company without annoying people?  Every day when I open up my FB© page, I see people talking about their direct marketing company and just trying to sell it without giving a reason why people would want to buy.

Yes.  It’s great that your product removes wrinkles, but what if that really isn’t a concern of mine.  Human nature will just make me unfriend you or click away from your post.

Also, when there is just so much promotion of product, people think that you are only friends with them because you want to sell them something.

If you want to promote your company using social media then you need to have a plan.

In the book by Michael Hyatt,  “Platform Get Noticed in Noisy World” that I recently finished reading,  I learned a great way to use Twitter© for this.

  1. Make sure the company name is short so that it can be used on Twitter©.  
    If the name is too long, it won’t work well when you do the tweets.   You need to be able to do short little tweets mentioning the company but long enough so that potential customers know what you are talking about.
  2. Make sure to use a hashtag when you do your tweet.
    This is new for me because I don’t use hashtags.  But, the purpose of a hashtag is so that if people look up on Twitter© on the subject of your hashtag, then your tweet will come up.
  3. If the company has a longer name, then make sure that a shortened version is able to be used on Twitter©.
    This is similar to point 1, but if the name is too long then your tweets are not short.   The purpose of the tweets are for short messages, not long sales pitches.
  4. Make sure that when you tweet, you have a landing page, that prospects can go to in response to your tweet.
    Remember the purpose of tweeting is to promote awareness of your company.  If a person is then interested in your company, you need to make it easy for them to go to a landing page to get more information on your direct marketing company.   Just blindly tweeting will not help you to grow your business.

So, when tweeting have a specific goal in mind.   You will then draw the right prospects to your business.  If they are really interested in your company, then they will seek out the person who is providing them information and not trying to sell them a product.

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