Untitled design-4Want to Persuade Women to Purchase your Product or Service?

Growing your business online or offline, one of your main customer groups is going to be women.    Statistics show that women whether married or not are increasingly making many of the financial and purchasing decisions in their households.

And, if you are in a health and wellness company, then this is definitely an area where women are making the initial and repeat buying decisions.   If it is for their children, then it is more likely than not it is the female who is making the buying decision.

So, how do you persuade women to purchase your products?   In the book, “Marketing To Women”, the author Marti Barletta describes the four ways that you can get customers online or offline to give you more of their business.

Make it Easy for Them to Send More Customers to You
Women like to purchase from people and companies that they know like and trust.   In the case of on line marketing.   If you are selling a product that caters specifically to women.   Find out what your customer really likes.

In the book, Marketing to Women,  the writer Marti Barletta describes how large online retailers created places where women could create a wish list.   With the large retailers, women are more apt to say, check my wishlist.  (I actually have a wishlist with Brighton.com.    My spouse told me not to tell him because he will buy it for me.)

Marketing online for a network marketing company, this concept of a wish list may be a little harder to do.   But, it is possible when you are creative.   Once they opt in to your system and purchase a product, reach out to them and find out what they really like.   Ask them what products that your company offers they would like to have.

You can show them how you can get some products at a very low rate when you purchase enough other products.

Make it Easy for Them to Come Back to You Instead of the Competition
You want to make it easy for new customers to become repeat customers.   There will always be a new competitor that will promise a better deal.   But, if you are flexible within reason, they will return to you.

This applies very much with cosmetic and bath purchases.   Almost every month, I receive mailers from a nationwide bath shop.   Although there are other hand soap products on the market, I don’t purchase from them.  I only go to this one store.   They bring me back into the store with freebees and other coupons.

They know that I will most likely purchase something when I come for my freebee.   And, if I only come for my freebee, then they are happy to see me as well.  There is not even a thought in my mind about going to the competition.

Make it Easy for Them to Give you More Business
One nationwide retailer does a very good job with this.   They send out mailers every month.   In every mailer, there is always a percentage markdown coupon.    They make it easy for you to want to come to their store.   Not only do they always give coupons, they give out $5 coupons on a regular basis.   That is a way to get you in their store.

Now online, this may be more difficult.  But,  you could offer things that make it easy for potential customers to want to give you their information.   You could offer free training every month to the first five people who enter their name and contact information.   That would give people an incentive to want to hear what you have to say.

Group Initial Purchases
This really applies in the health and wellness and beauty industry.   Most women don’t just purchase one product.   They purchase new products in a set.   Retailers and direct sales companies know that women will purchase things in groups.    So, they often have specials that give women the opportunity to try a variety of their products for a special price.

When marketing online, you could offer someone free coaching who purchases your book.  Or if they decide to become an affiliate, you could offer them free coaching for joining your team.

Now as with anything, you need to spell out clear parameters.   People will take advantage of you if don’t clearly state what their free bee is.

Make it clear and you will see the growth in this specific demographic that you are looking for.

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