customer retentionWant to maintain customer retention in your network marketing business?  Yes, this is the goal of every network marketer.  You want to have people joining your business to build their own business.

But, you don’t have a business without customers who want to purchase the products on a monthly basis.  So, how do you retain customers and find leaders at the same time?

Well, the hallmark of any successful business is solid customer retention.  They don’t want to go anywhere else because they know that you will take care of them better than anyone else.

If you want to have consistent customer retention in your business, or specifically in your network marketing, here are three things that you need to  do.  In the book, the “The Only Thing That Matters”, by Karl Albrecht, he provides specific guidelines that will strengthen your customer retention.   Customer retention also known as customer service is like an invisible force.   A company that has good customer retention will have the following three things:

Spirit of Service
In the book,  the author states that the “Spirit of Service”  is an attitude based on certain values and beliefs about people, life and work.  This attitude leads a person, regardless of your industry to willingly serve others and take pride in their work.

When building your network marketing business, if your only goal from the outset is to grow your downline and eventually be making lots of money, then you are missing the spirit of service.  You will likely come up short.

If however, your goal is to service as many other individuals that you can to improve the quality of their life through the benefits of network marketing.

Have a Great Leader
If you talk to any leader of a good organization, they will tell you how new policies were put in place to improve customer retention and employee satisfaction.  As with anything, these policies can fizzle out over time.  Things will go back to the way they were before.  Other things like stress and boredom can replace a good “Spirit of Service.”

A great leader who continues to encourage and guide his organization will remind them of their purpose and the reason that they serve the customer.

In building your network marketing organization, the strength of your team will be built on the strength of your leader.  If your leader is not in activity and seeking to grow the business, then the team will follow the role of the leader.  Eventually, the whole organization will fail.   So, have a great leader and the team will follow.

Feelings Matter
If your consultants are excited about your organization, then your customers will catch that excitement.  Any team leader of a network marketing organization will tell you that the consultants will follow their lead.  If the leader is excited, the team will be as well.

Customers buy from businesses that are genuinely excited-not in a fake way-about what they are selling.

Make your service and your business sick out like a sore thumb.  Your customers will see that you are different and you will retain customers.

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