pexels-photo-261738Go to Networking Events
Attend any local sponsored business networking events.  This could be anything from general business networking events at local area hotels.

At these events, people will always ask what you do.  You can tell them about the company that you represent.  These are specifically at network events.

You can educate the other attendees, that the network marketing business format is the ultimate network.

You continue to be paid for work or product that you didn’t have to sell.  That is not the case with the majority of business models out there.

It could also mean joining a Toastmasters group where you learn how to speak in public.   These are events where you can tell people that you are a network marketer.   Show them directly how the network marketing model can really change their life and they won’t have to be stuck in the time for money tread wheel.

Leave your Friends and Family Alone
Some network marketing companies tell you that you should try to recruit family members.   You need to talk to everyone.

I think that you can exercise discretion on what is best to do.  It may be best to tell them about what you are doing.  When you host a party, then invite them.   But, the relationship is way more important.   At the right time, they will ask.

If you have a history of trying different companies, then it’s best to say nothing.   They aren’t going to believe you until you have results, results speak.

And, when they start to see success in your business, and they are looking for something, then they will be open.

Attend Company Sponsored Events
I recently came back from the national Arbonne convention.  I went by myself but met many other successful networkers.   I learned some really great tips and also got to see all the success stories of the people up on stage.

This was a real motivator for me because I remind myself, if you are consistent with the plan, then it will work.   I also learned that if you really want to change things in your life, then you can’t do what the majority of people do.

Promote on Social Media
Prior to attending the convention, I had been learning how to promote on social media.  Going to the convention and hearing the keynote speaker.

I learned the right way to promote.  I never blasted information about my products.  But, the speaker shared that you can promote on social media, but you only seek to sell your products occasionally.

The main thing is to provide a service and provide value for the customer.   The more that you do that on a daily basis, then you will start to build a customer and business base.

There will be a reason that people will join you and it won’t be because you were trying to sell them products everyday with your posts.

They will join you when they need what you are selling or they are looking to make a change in their life.

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