Untitled design-4You have decided that you will jump in the deep end and start writing a blog.  You want to grow your network marketing business the smart way by helping people online.   So, you are wondering to yourself, how am I going to come up with information that people will think is worth reading?  Or, maybe you are thinking, I”m not that good of a writer.

Well, as someone who has worked at this, here is one pointer to share with you.   Just keep blogging and working on your writing, the skill of blog posts will come with time.   But, if you are a newly, here are the three tips to follow when writing a blog post.

Before I write a blog post, I always have pointers written down in a journal book.  I have the points for each blog post composed before I write the blog.   I have the outline for the blog posts separated in my notes.   After I have written a blog post, then I check off that information as already completed.

By using the pointers, I know what points I am going to make in each blog post.   I always write the blog posts with these guidelines in place.   I don’t ever just sit at my laptop and try to brainstorm about what I am going to write.   I have a plan before I write the post.

You may be thinking, how do I keep coming up with information to write?   Well the more you read on your chosen subject, the more you will find information that you can take notes on and then compose a blog post.  It will come to your more easily, the more that you do it.

When writing a blog post, you do research on the keywords before you compose.   You find the keywords for each post by using the Google keyword tool or you can purchase a keyword tool like Market Samurai, that I own.    These tools are very helpful in letting you find the best keywords for your specific industry that people are actually looking for.

The keywords need to be in the title of your blog post.   Also, put the keywords in the headers of your blog post.   Now, if you are new to blogging, don’t give up if you can’t follow this all the time.   Just try to do it as much as possible.   But, don’t not blog if you can’t come up with keywords in your headers for each blog post.

When writing about your product, explain the advantages of your product.   You need to explain directly why your product will help solve someones problem.   If they have a skin issues, explain the ingredients in your product and why this product has been positive for other people with a similar issue.

You need to be sure that you never make any health claims about your product.  You can’t state specifically that your product will solve their problem.  You can state that is has helped other individuals.  Remember, that you aren’t a doctor so you can’t be making direct recommendations on specific product on how it will fix their health problem.

Follow these simple steps and you will eventually see the results in your business.

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