Untitled design-5Every network marketer is always seeking to expand the reach of their business.  If you examine the statistics of the top network marketers in many companies, you will see that a large percentage of them are women.   But, did you realize that women respond differently to marketing efforts.   Companies who fail to recognize the differences between men and women and their buying decisions run the risk on losing out on that important segment of the market.

If you want to improve your reach and convert women into customers, then you need to take the following steps:

Be Sincere
Women make buying decisions in the same way that they sometimes choose their friends.   Don’t come across as a phony with the product that you are seeking to market.   Women need to know that the product you are marketing to them will improve their quality of life or provide them safety.

Don’t say that a product will significantly improve their life if that isn’t the truth.   If you are a man seeking to sell to women, then you will need to know your product inside and out.  Know why women like this product.   Explain to them truthfully why this product will improve their life.   If you are sincere and honest, then they will listen.   Otherwise, they will tune you out.

Being completely sincere and honest in your intentions with women prospects will help you.   Eventually if this is a product that they actually need and desire to purchase, they will come to you to make the purchase.

Provide Details
With women, the sale is in the details.   Men want you to keep it short and sweet.   Women want details.  Experienced marketer, Marti Barletta explains this in depth in her book,  “Marketing to Women”.   When women tell a story, they don’t just provide the facts.   They provide side details.   Women want to know everything surrounding the product.  Not just the bare bones.

Details provide depth.   When there are several details, there is usually more than one deciding factor.  Details provide life and they also paint a picture.   This is how you appeal to women.

If you are selling a health and wellness product, explain to them exactly how your product will help them with their problem.   Tell them how it has helped other people.   (Remember though you can’t make exact claims about what a product will do for them.)

Also, with women there is usually more than one deciding factor why they choose to buy.  For example,  I like many people am a creature of habit.  I choose clothing stores that I like and I stick to those stores.   There is a reason that I like the stores, I can purchase their products without trying the clothes on and the prices are reasonable.   And, the clothes are not cluttered together in the store.   They are laid out in a thoughtful pleasing manner that makes it easy to browse and make buying decisions.


Solve Their Problem and Provide a Connection
This is so true.   Women just like men want their problems solved but they want to feel like they have connected with the seller of the product.   Some years ago, i started using a specific line of beauty and skin care products.   No one approached me to purchase this product.   I just start trying some of their other products.   One thing led to another and I saw-on my face-how their products completely cleared up my adult acne.

Now years later, I continue to purchase their products and I completely remember when their products cleared up my acne.  This product has solved my product and provided a deep personal connection because it cleared up my acne.

Focus on Human Benefits
Most women want to know exactly how a product can help them.   In marketing to women, you also want to share with them any human interest stories on the product.   Women like to hear what this product has done for others.

And, if your company is involved in charitable ways to the community, this is another way to bring out the human benefits.   Show what the products are doing for others.   And, show how the company is helping in some cases by actually giving away the products.

Most women want to see a human connection.   You do this in a thoughtful manner in your marketing efforts and you will reach the female market.

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