A prospect has agreed to meet you to discuss your opportunity.   You either met them online and they expressed an interest or they were a warm market referral.

Well, the purpose of this blog is to provide you with the tools, either online or offline, to build your network marketing business.

As network marketers, we know that having a one on one meeting is the time where we can answer questions and discuss our opportunity.Untitled design-5

But, we need to remember that the meeting is the time to learn from the customer.   It is not a time for us to “vomit” our opportunity all over them.

So,  before starting any meeting with a new customer,   remember to follow these three guidelines.

    Remember you don’t have a business without the customers.   When the meeting starts out, tell them exactly why you are meeting with them today.   Don’t try to hide anything.   Once you have finished telling them, ask them why they wanted to meet with you.After they answer this initial question, don’t start talking about your “opportunity”.  Its the quickest way to turn a potential customer off.
    This is similar to point one.   But, you want to ask the customer everything from what they are currently doing, to why did they want to meet with you?Untitled design-5Ask them why are they looking at network marketing?   Are they happy with their current income?  Or, would they like to have more time with their family?If you read the stories of some successful network marketers who have risen to the top of their companies, you will find out that many of them never thought they would join one of those “things”.That was for people who didn’t have a real job.   That is for losers and people who didn’t graduate college.People with Master’s Degrees don’t join network marketing companies.

    Find out everything that you can about them.   That will help when it comes time to show how your company or products can address their needs.   Remember, if you aren’t solving a current problem, then you won’t have a customer.

    When you are asking your customer about their needs, make sure to just listen.   Don’t try to interrupt their answers.   Just ask questions and make sure to pay attention to their answers.Untitled design-6Look them in the eye and don’t look off when they are providing you the information that you have requested.Don’t listen with the goal of having a response.  Just listen and make mental notes on how you can help them.   But, always let them finish talking.   Don’t try to interrupt them.

Just listen to their answers.   In time you will have the information that you need to address how if you can help them with the issues that they are facing.

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