pexels-photo-255488The number one struggle for most network marketers is having a sufficient amount of leads to discuss their network marketing business.

Most individuals who join a direct sales business are told to make the dreaded list.  Then you have to call everyone up on the list and your family is wondering what happened that you joined one of those “pyramid schemes”.

So, if you prospect your family and friends and they say, “No”.  Then you need to leave the rest of the people on your list alone.

Well, then how do you find leads to grow you business.  You say to yourself, if other people have been successful building a network marketing downline, then you should be able to.  The last time you checked, you didn’t see that the person who did this had superpowers.

In the new marketing world, the best customer is an informed customer.  Most people will make a decision if they are really interested if they have the right information.  They want to know that this can work for them.

We use Hubspot in the marketing of our small business pool service business.  In the Hubspot training,  they emphasize  that providing information is the best way to approach new customers.

 Check out Social Media Sites  
Go on the big social media sites and search for information on your specific industry.  In this case, you want to grow a network marketing business.  So, use these search terms to see what people are actually searching for on these sites.

Knowing what people are specifically searching for will help you in your approach to them on joining your network marketing business.

Read the Comments Section
This means that you go to the major social media websites and look up to see what people are saying about the industry.  Understanding the mindset of potential prospects is important in knowing how to build a relationship with them in order to grow your network marketing business.

This is not about then sending them adds about your business but providing valuable information about the industry allowing them to make an informed decision.

Check out Profiles
Linkedin is a major social networking website specifically for those searching for a job in their industry.  If you see that someone has expressed an interest in network marketing post comments and seek to engage these potential prospects.  Don’t try to sell them on your opportunity, just give them some helpful information.

Questions on Social Media
If you surf the major social media sites by checking out the groups for the network marketing industry, you will find information, specifically comments concerning what people say about the industry.

Try to join these groups.  Then start posting information about building your network marketing downline, not for your specific products.

If you want to specifically market your product, then join groups that discuss health and wellness and anti aging issues.

Remember, find out information about your prospect.  The more that you have, the easier it will be to build a bridge with them concerning your specific network marketing company.

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