marketingWant to expand your Facebook marketing with customers who are interested in what you are selling?   Do you wish there was a way that people would actually click on the information that you are posting?  Well, there is a way.  In this two part post, I will explain what steps you need to take as taught by Facebook marketing leader, Michelle Pesconsolido.

  1. Add a Like Button to your Blog;
    When you provide good content, you want to make it easy for people to like your page.  When they like something, it shows up on their page and then other people see it as well.This simple thing of adding a like button to your blog posts just provides your readers with more opportunities to like your work and give your blog more exposure.
  2. Include Like Buttons to your Author Bio:
    This is another simple thing that takes only a few minutes to do. Your Author Bio should not be a sales page.   It should be biographical information about your work history and your reason for wanting to join and grow a network marketing business.  When a prospect reads your Bio Page, they should feel like they can connect with you because of the information you have shared about yourself.
  3. Connect your Profile and Pages
    When promoting your business on Facebook, you need to have a business page and a personal page.   The two pages need to be linked.  Also, in your personal page, your employer should be the name of network marketing company.Even if you work full time for another company, put down the network marketing company as your employer.  Your goal is to be a self employed network marketer,  This is the reason that you have created a Facebook Business Page.
  4. Employ a Facebook Email Signature
    When sharing new content with your list by email, make sure to have an email signature that includes a Facebook like.   An email signature is always a link that has your website address, and a link to your affiliate product.  You should also include a picture.  This is another easy step that will help expand your reach and influence.

Focus on completing these small tasks and you will see your influence and your blog will start to grow in readers and leads.

If your upline does not have a step by step blueprint for online marketing success, check this out unless you already have two many leads, click here for instant access.