marketingIn network marketing, we are all looking to increase your Facebook reach, your lead interaction which leads shares and eventually sales.  Here are four more ways to make that happen from Michelle Pesconsolido.

5.  Interact on Other Social Media
This means when you post something new on your blog, post links to it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Linkedin.   The more your content is out there in the social media world, the more you will increase your exposure

I post three times a week to my blog.  When I put up a post, I then post links on Pinterest, Twitter and  Facebook.

6. Promote your Page to Targeted Audiences
On Facebook, I then post links on several network marketing fan pages. This will eventually help to increase my reach and the opportunity for people to reach out to me for help and eventually the business opportunity.

Yes, you may be trying to educate your friends or other social groups on the benefit of network marketing.  But, until they are ready, you need to get your message in front of people who already believe in network marketing.

Some of your friends will come around eventually when they are looking to change their life.  But, they have to be ready.

7. Interact on your Page
Once you have created your page, you need to interact with people who are fans of your page.  Quite often we interact with people who aren’t interested in network marketing.   There is nothing wrong with this.

But, our ultimate goal is to build a network marketing business, so we need to focus on engaging and commenting on the pages of  people who are open to network marketing.

Don’t ever start spamming these new people with your opportunity.  This is not a way to grow your downline or your customer base.

The comments should be thoughtful and geared towards providing value to the other person.

8.  Create a Facebook page
You can create a page for people like yourself who are interested in the network marketing industry.  When you create this page, you can reach out to people you know and ask them to join the page.   Some will be interested and some won’t.  This is just an additional method where you can gain exposure and increase your influence.

Remember, in all these steps, the goal is to be of service to others.  Provide them with good valuable information.   When the time is right and it may never be, they will want to join you in order to grow a business.  Or, they will decided to purchase your Affiliate products.  Either way, you will grow and so will they.

Remember to always pursue your dreams.