• winter-road-arrow-74780Top leaders in network marketing companies often say,  “Growing a network marketing business is disguised as a personal development business.”  The more you develop yourself and your best qualities, then you will eventually see the growth in your business.

In the book by John Maxwell, “Failing Forward”, the author describes seven qualities of a leader who knows how to fail forward.  In this post, I will explain them and what it takes to develop these traits.

    When you choose to build a network marketing business, the biggest push back will likely come from your family.     That has not been the case with my family.   But, I don’t talk about what I’m working on.If you want to achieve something different than most people, you will have rejection and skeptics.It’s going to happen.  If  it doesn’t happen one time, then it will come later.  Achievers see rejection as part of the process and they aren’t deterred from accomplishing their goals because numerous people say no to them.   In their mind, it is part of the process.

When you take the time to read the stories of people who have accomplished great things, they failed numerous times before they succeeded.   They understood, that each time the failure was a learning process.

After a failure, they look at what they learned.  They then take steps to see how they can avoid making the wrong choices so that they don’t repeat that mistake.

If you are taking chances in your work and life, then failure will happen.   It doesn’t make you a bad person.  If you had your heart broken in a relationship or in business, then it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever meet the right person or that you can’t be a success.

You just step back and realize that things weren’t meant to be with that person.   Or, in business, learn from the mistake so that you don’t make it again or if you do, the results are reduced from the last time.

Each time, you try again, you will achieve better results than the last time.

I am seeking to grow a network marketing business.   I want to be able to develop a residual income stream.   Since, I am not in the top income earner category, I can’t expect to make $250,000 the first year.   That is unrealistic.

Now, if I have achieved top sales in other organizations, then this may be a possibility.   But, for me this is not.
If I set a goal that this is what I’m going to make my first year and then fail to reach it, it will be because the goal was unrealistic.

It is not possible in one year to develop the skills needed to make the top income.   And, most people are not willing to make the sacrifices needed to reach this income level.

An achiever realizes that this goal is possible, but it comes with hard work put in on a consistent basis over time.

An achiever will realize what their strengths are and concentrate on those.   If a part of your business requires artistic abilities, then you hire someone to do that for you.   You don’t go and try to develop those skills.

If you are a decent writer, focus on that skill.  It is something that you can develop and learn to do even better.   People that are artists are generally born with the talent.

Perhaps one of your skills is organization, then see how you can use that skill to further develop your business.

Achievers also know that if they focus on what they do well, the other details will in time fall into place.   If you spend all your time trying to do everything, then most of the tasks will not be completed well.

When you talk to people who have reached the top in their careers, many will tell you that they didn’t start out with this goal in mind.  It developed along the way.

What allows one person to succeed financially will not be the same path necessarily for you.

Some achievers just happened to come upon an idea that grew into something.   But, most will tell you that they had the skills already from years of consistent hard work.   After some time, those years of disciplined hard work paid off.

I work with my spouse in a small business.  There are currently four of us working in the business.  Some days can be very disappointing.   But, after licking our wounds from a difficult customer or a lost sale, we get back up on the horse and continue working hard.

You just know that by consistently doing the things that brought your business to the current level, you will eventually succeed.   Any with the disappointments, if you are smart, there is a lesson learned.

We can’t decide to close up the shop because of one hard knock or even several, you just keep working as quitting is not an option, if you really want to reach your goals.

A successful home business professional will develop these skills so that with each setback, their learning and their successes improve.

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